1. Rock layers go from older to younger (from
    bottom to top). This is a
    restatement of which relative age principle?
    Principle of Superposition
  2. What is the principle of Original Horizontality?
    Layers of sediment are originally deposited horizontally. Any folding happened after desposition
  3. What is the Principle of Original Continuity?
    Sediments generally accumulate in horizontal sheets
  4. What is the age of the oldest whole rock on
    our planet?
  5. What is the age of the oldest substance on our
  6. How far back can dendrochronology take us?
  7. What does crude oil
    consist of?
  8. How many protons
    does Carbon-14 have?
  9. The half-life ofCarbon-14 is this
  10. What kinds ofsubstances can be dated using radiocarbon dating?
  11. The decay productof radiometric decay is called…
  12. The oldest rocks in our solar system are this old
  13. What are the oldest rocks in our solar system called?
  14. How many times have humans walked on the moon?
  15. Cutting a cake with a knife demonstrates this principle of relative age dating?
  16. A stream that cuts perpendicularly through a hill forms this
  17. The cutoff loop of a meandering stream is known as this
  18. When a riversteals another river’s water we call this
  19. Which watershed runs into the Gulf of Mexico?
  20. Is this watershed is closed?
  21. A circular scoured-out (flowing water) glacial feature is called?
  22. Glacial debris that separates two separate, parallel ice tongues forms this
  23. Windblown glacial sediment is known as?
  24. A stream that was “lowered” onto a mountain chain is called?
  25. Name of a superposed stream
  26. How deep is the boundary between ductile and brittle deformation in a glacier?
  27. A substance starts out with 60 parent isotopes. How many after 2 half lives?
  28. The deepest a river can carve into bedrock is controlled by local what?
  29. Waterfalls are an example of this fluvial erosional feature?
  30. The tallest waterfall in the world is found in this country
  31. A stream that carries water only once per year is called this
  32. The boundary between two watersheds is called
  33. What sedimentary features forms on the inside of a meander?
  34. This type of river carries large amounts of coarse grained sediment
  35. Marble Canyon in the Grand Canyon has great examples of these
  36. The Scablands of Washington State were carved, rapidly or slowly?
  37. A single large, out-of-place glacial boulder is called?
    Glacial Erratic
  38. Why do Niagara Falls exist?
  39. An erosional surface between a sedimentary and metamorphic rock is called?
  40. An erosional surface between two sedimentary rocks is called?
  41. The oldest substance on our planet is called?
  42. Name at least two places in the world that bear continental glaciers
  43. By how much have global average temperatures risen over the last ~100 years?
  44. What is stratigraphy?
    the study of the nature, age, and geometric relationship of rock layers
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