7th spec= see, look

  1. circumspect (adj)
    Careful to look at all possibilities before acting; cautious; aware of consequences.
  2. inspect (v)
    to look at carefully on search of flaws
  3. introspection (n)
    the act of looking at one's own thoughts and feelings
  4. perspective (n)
    one way of looking at things
  5. respect (v)
    to look up to someone; to show honor
  6. retrospective (adj)
    looking back on past things
  7. spectacles (n)
    glasses that help someone see better
  8. spectacle (n)
    something displayed for the public to see
  9. spectator (n)
    a person who watches something, such as a sporting event
  10. speculate (v)
    to look at and think about something form different points of view
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7th spec= see, look
7th spec= see, look