Geography Section 3

  1. East Asian Climate
    • Much like the US because both are large land bodies.
    • "Continental Climate"
    • Lots of Summer rainfall.
    • Winter is dry.
  2. Advance economic countries
    • South Korea
    • Taiwan
    • Japanese
  3. Southern Japanese Climate
    • South is hot and humid
    • North is mountainous, snowy. Cold and wet wind out of Russia hit the mountains creating the rain shadow effect but with snow.
  4. Chinese Mineral Resources
    In the north there are tremendous amounts of coal. Manchuria - the coal led to heavy industrialization.
  5. Petroleum in Asia?
    Classified as deficient, but there are a few good new spots off the coast.
  6. Big recent industrialization in Asia is where?
    In the south. Yet there are no resources.
  7. What resource made Japan incredibly powerful?
    Human resources. No natural resources at all.
  8. Japan is closely___________.
    • Japan is closely unified.
    • Inward looking.
    • Closed culture.
    • Spirit of self-sacrifice for the better of society.
  9. Japan was colonized by?
    Japan has never been colonized.
  10. 1904 war between Russia and Japan. Why?
    Japan started trading with China, (Manchuria.)
  11. Korean War
    Who was in it?
    Who won?
    • Communist NK against republic SK
    • Japan was winner because when they rebuilt our equipment we rebuilt their economy.
  12. Who was sent from the US to Japan to work on Quality control?
    W Edward Demming.
  13. Europe tried to colonize the East but __________ was to big so _____________.
    China was too big so they carved it up into little spheres of influence.
  14. In 1911 China is officially overthrown causing a ____________.
    Led by?
    • Peoples Republic of China
    • Led by Sun Yat Sen
  15. Nationalist Party
    Led by who originally?
    Then led by?
    What was his big order?
    • Nationalist Party - democratic party
    • Led By Sun Yat Sen
    • The led by Kai Schek
    • He ordered all communist shot.
  16. Long March
    • The Nationalist Party trying to kill all communists.
    • So the CCP fled from the south up to the north and west.
  17. Manchuria
    Chinese Industry center.
  18. 2 Chinas
    Peoples Republic of China
  19. Chinese
    Birth Rate
    Death Rate
    • less than 20/1000
    • 10/1000
  20. Sumatra has?
  21. Vietnam was colonized by?
    • French
    • Coffee
  22. South East Asain origin?
    Assume that the Portuguese were there first, then they were muscled out by someone else, (probably japan).
  23. Singapore
    Most advanced country or city in SE Asia
  24. The most ethnically diverse country in the world is?
  25. The biggest Muslim country in the world is?
  26. Indonesia has?
    Mineral Resources
  27. 1997 - Asian Contasian
    China undersold everyone and crashed the economy.
  28. Thailand was controlled by?
    Never been controlled.
  29. Thailand
    West -
    East -
    • West - British
    • East - French
    • Ag exporter
  30. India's resources.
    Deficient, fuel deficient.
  31. Afghanistan wasnt wanted by either Russia or Britain.
    When they stopped fighting, internal turmoil arrose and the Taliban takes over.
  32. Indian control
    • Muslims
    • then Monguls,
    • then British
  33. Indian Economy
    • Growing,
    • potential for off shore developments
    • agriculture
  34. Indian growth
    • Through Jamshedpur, iron and steel,
    • Textiles (Mumbai) - center for business and banking.
  35. India 1991
    The economy opens up to the outside world
  36. Chenai - Hyderabad
    Indian electronics city
  37. Bangladesh
    • Poorest country in the world.
    • Grameen Bank - loaned to women
  38. Pakistan
    • Weak state due to unrest
    • Worlds largest producer of soccer balls
  39. Middle East Latitude
    • Tropic of Cancer
    • Subtropical high.
    • Hot and dry
  40. Fighting in the middle east over
  41. Divisions of middle eastern countries due to
    European colonization.
  42. 5 Pillars of Muslim Faith
    • Prayer
    • Affirmation of Faith
    • Fast
    • Pilgrimage to Mecca
    • Almsgiving
  43. Origin of Muslim faith
    Saudi Arabia
  44. Three most sacred cities in Muslim Faith
    Mecca, Jerusalem, Medina
  45. Difference in Suni and Shia muslims
    • Suni leaders by election
    • Shia by blood
  46. Oil is found where in the Middle East
    • Persian Gulf
    • Caspian Sea
  47. Why so many countries in N Africa?
    How they divided after WWI
  48. Egypt has a plentiful resource of?
  49. When do the flood occur in Egypt
  50. Where there is oil,____________
    Where there is people,________________
    Where there is oil theres no people, and where theres people theres no oil.
  51. Turkey
    • No oil, big population,
    • Wants to join the EU
  52. Iran has__________
  53. Lebanon controlled by,
    • French
    • Banking center of Middle East
  54. 1948
    Israel is recognized by the UN
  55. Israel
    Hot dry desert, small, no oil
  56. Arabs and Israel
    Always fighting, Israel always wins. Duh, theyre God's chosen people.
  57. Iraq has?
    Land between what rivers?
    Part of what empire?
    • Water and oil.
    • Tigris and Euphrates
    • Ottoman
  58. Manchuria Belongs?
    Captured by russians then given back to China to spread communism.
  59. Korea was a possession of?
  60. What river splits North and South Korea?
  61. Vietnam's colonialization.
    • French
    • Then Japanese
  62. India colonized by?
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