Ch. 24 Gerontology

  1. acrochordon
    skin tag; benign growth that hangs from a short stalk, commonly occuring on the neck, eyelids, axilla, or groin
  2. ascites
    abnormal intraperitoneal accumulation of a fluid containing large amounts of protein and electrolytes
  3. atrophic
    characterized by a wasting of tissues, usually associated with general malnutrition or a specific disesae state
  4. biomicroscopy
    split-lamp exam
    ophthalmicexamination of the eye by use of a slit lamp and a magnifying lense
  5. bruit
    abnormal sound or murmur heard when listening to a carotid artery, organ, or gland with a stethoscope
  6. claudication
    cramplike pains in the calves of the legs caused by poop circulation to the muslces of the legs
  7. curettage
    process of scraping material from the wall of a cavity or other surfae for the purpose of removing abnormal tissue or unwanted material
  8. dyskinesia
    impairment of the ability to execute voluntary movements
  9. lichenification
    thickening and hardening of the skin
  10. presbycusis
    loss of hearing due to the natural aging process
  11. senescence
    process of growing old
  12. senile lentigines
    age spots, brown macules found on areas of the kin that are frequently exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, or back of the hands or many older people
  13. psoriasis
    common, noninfectious, chronic disorder of the kin manifested by sivery white scales over round raised, reddened plaques, producing pruitus
  14. seborrheic keratosis
    apperas as brown or waxy yellow wartlike lesion, 5-20mm in diameter, loosely attached to the skin surface
  15. ankylosin spondylitis
    Marie-Strumpell disease
    rheumatoid spondylitis
    type of arthritis that affectts the vertebral column and causes deformities of the spine
  16. achalastia
    decreased mobility of the lower 2/3 of the esophagus along with constriction of the lower esophageal sphincter, making it difficult for food and liquids to move down the esophagus
  17. atrophic vaginitis
    degeneration of teh vaginal mucous membrane after menopause
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