ENGL 2112

  1. A young colored man fired by a white supervisor?
    Michael Adonis
  2. Meets the recently fired colored boy at a local cafe. Dies at the end of the novella?
    Willie boy
  3. A gregarious drunk old Irishman?
  4. A brutal Afrikaner police officer?
  5. Wracked with guilt over his complicity against his own people?
    John Abrahams
  6. Expresses his heartfelt thanks after the colored boy gives him a handout?
  7. "He was just a rooker, baas."
    John Abrahams
  8. "I'll recite you something. You should hear me."
    Old Doughty- about to quote Shakespeare
  9. "Take that cigarette out of your jaw when you talk to me."
  10. "Can't a boy have a piss without getting kicked?
    Michael Adonis
  11. "You like mussels, Mickey? I'll bring you some."
  12. Who were the first to colonize the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa?
    The Dutch
  13. Who kills Old Doughty?
    Michael Adonis
  14. Old Doughty's killer...
  15. The epigraph of "A walk in the night" is from...
  16. He collaborates with the police...
    John Abrahams
  17. The Star of Africa refers to
    a diamond
  18. Shaka was assassinated by...
  19. Michael ran in to ______ when running from killing Doughty.
    Willie boy
  20. Who are the oldest inhabitants of South Africa?
    the Zulu
  21. A walk in the night is a...
  22. It's more than time the _______ got here. They said she founded Kalberstadt.
  23. "Not for the sake of ____ but for justice."
    Said by the towns people, Money
  24. "Practically. My plane crashed in _____"
    Said by Claire, Afiganistan
  25. "Claire only passed in botany and zoology"
    Said by the schoolmaster
  26. Lost her child, became a prostitute
    Clara Wascher
  27. A wealthy lady returning to her home town..
  28. Who is Miki in the white king?
    Old man that Prodan was picking on
  29. What is the setting of The White King?
  30. What does the title symbolize with in the story, The White King?
    • The chess piece, chapter 10, "Africa"
    • The man is a general major whose place is filled with stuffed animals from Africa
    • He was "the white king"
  31. What happens in "Tulips"?
    • Dad is taken to prison in the Danube canal, labor camp
    • He went against the state, and signed a petition
    • Djata is going to pick tulips
  32. What happens in the "War" chapter?
    • boys from soccer team battle for playing rights on public field
    • Puju- w/ djata in the field, told his dad about the war, his dad rescues them from field of fire
    • Frunza brothers- orphans, top of tower (Remus / Romulus)
    • Ball they have to capture is in a bag of fertilizer covered with pigeon blood, in front of the tower
  33. Who is Puju?
    • Lies next to Djata in wheat field
    • Told dad about the war
    • Dad saves them from field of fire
  34. Who are the Frunza brothers and what are their differences?
    • Orphan boys, at the top of the tower
    • Remus: one stabbing b/w Djata's fingers
    • Romulus: stabbed by his own bother
  35. Who is Prodan and what did he do in the "War"?
    • Big- stabbed in the shoulder
    • organized battle against Frunza's
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