NIS Characters

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  1. Rukmani
    main charcter
  2. Nathan
    Rukmanis husband, tenent farmer
  3. Irawaddy
    1st child, marrige failed, harlot
  4. Arjun
    1st son, tannery strike, Ceylon
  5. Thambi
    2nd son, tannery strike, Ceylon
  6. Murugan
    3rd son, servant, disapears
  7. Raja
    4th son, killed by tannery guards
  8. Selvam
    5th son, works at hospital
  9. Kuti
    6th son, dies as an infant from starvation
  10. Sacrabani
    Iras albino baby
  11. Kenny
    aids Rukmanis mother, Helps Rukmani and Ira have kids, opens hospital
  12. Zamindar
    owns Nathan and Rukmanis land
  13. Old Granny
    buys veggatables from Rukmani, organizes marriage for Ira, gives last ruppe to Sacrabani
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