1. Each student should do their own work.
    (replace their with his/her)
  2. Neither Joe nor Sandra have called to invite her yet.
    (replace have with has (s-v agree.))
  3. Whom do you think made this mistake?
    (change whom to who)
  4. The officer told my friend and I that the road was closed.
    (replace I with me (pronoun usage))
  5. I would be planting my garden now if the weather was warmer.
    (replace was with were)
  6. If you would have studied, you would have a bettter grade.
    (replace would have with had (past perfect))
  7. Which city is largest, St. Louis or Kansas City?
    (replace largest with larger)
  8. What is the affect o the flood on the crops?
    not affect....effect
  9. He cannot help but feel proud.
    (cannot and but is a double negative...sooo take out but)
  10. How will the flood affect the crops?
  11. Being that he is a good actor, he got the part.
    (replace being that with since)
  12. The rescue workers looked like they hadn't slept in years.
    ???? uhhhh maybe have not?
  13. The test was real difficult.
    (real to really)
  14. The artist was skillful in various medias.
    (medias to media)
  15. Basketball, like many other games, offer enjoyment to all who participate.
    (offer to offers)
  16. I love everything about my new car except it's color.
    not it's...how about its
  17. We read "I Never Saw a Moor".
    Period should be on the inside of the quotation marks
  18. I use to play church league basketball.
    use to used
  19. If I was a senior, I'd be planning to graduate soon.
    was to were
  20. In the newspaper it said that a tsunami had occured in Asia.
    How about this: the newspaper said that....
  21. Lenny spied a dog gnawing a bone on his way to school.
    this sentence needs some rearranging that will MAKE SENSE!!!
  22. The package is laying inside the door.
    laying to lying
  23. The required supplies: are pencil, paper, and notebook.
    uh yeah....the are is not necessary in this sentence...TAKE IT OUT!!!
  24. One of the children fell down and cut their knee.
    their to his/her
  25. Kim's letter inferred that she would be paying us a visit soon.
    uh...not inferred...but implied
  26. We are close friends, neverthelss, I am angry with her.
    not comma after friends..how bout semicolon;
  27. Ther were less people in the audience than there were on stage.
    not less but fewer
  28. It will be a pretty day tomorrow.
    Tomorrow will be a pretty day.
  29. Water skiing no longer interests me as much as to go scuba diving.
    take out "to go"
  30. Left alone in the house, the thunderstorm frightened him.
    last part: he was frightened by the thunderstorm
  31. People have been more interested in reading the bok than in the movie version.
    just change...ugh
  32. The strength in my left hand is greater than my right hand.
    again just change
  33. If Gary would have read the ad, he would have saved a hundred dollars.
    take out would
  34. Choosing a camers is difficult, there are so many on the market.
  35. Both his father and himself have musical talent.
    not himself but he
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