1. Myalgia
    muscle cramping
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Arthritis in both joints
  3. Pronation
    turning forarm so palm is down
  4. Supination
    turning forarm so palm is up
  5. Crepitation
    grating sound on movement of ends of a broken bone
  6. Subluxation
    partial dislocation of a joint
  7. Contracture
    shortening of a muscle due to limited ROM
  8. another term for twitch
  9. Atrophy
    When muscles shrink
  10. How do we grade muscle strength
    • 5= full range of motion against gravity
    • 0= no contraction
  11. How do we test cervical spine ROM
    • chin to chest
    • chin to cieling
    • ear to shoulder
    • chin to shoulder
  12. kyphosis
  13. Lordosis
    • Swayback
    • Common in ballet dancers and pregnant ladies
  14. Scoliosis
    • Spinal Curvature
    • if below 20 degrees; just watched
    • if above 40 degrees; surgical intervention
  15. Phalens Test
    Top of hand to top of hand and fingers pointing downwards (acute flextion) for 60 seconds; if numbness and tingling= carpeltunnel syndrome
  16. Tinel's Sign
    Percussion at medium nerve of wrist; if numbness and tingling= carpeltunnel syndrom
  17. First aid for an injury
    • RICE
    • rest
    • ice
    • compression
    • elevation
  18. Swan neck
    a deformity in arthritis of the hand where fingers sway to the side
  19. Bouchards node's
    large nodes in middle of the fingers in pts with arthritis
  20. Heberden's nodes
    large nodes right below the nail at tip of fingers associated with arthitis
  21. What would the Bone mineral density be of a pt with osteoperosis?
    • 2.5-3
    • -1-2.5
  22. RIckets
    • Vitamin D deficiency
    • common in children who drink breast milk
    • bow legged
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