Access: chapter 6ac

  1. Reports have four views
    • report view
    • print preview view
    • layout view
    • design view
  2. Layout view:
    • default view displayed when you create a report (new to access 2007)
    • -advantageous to modify report in layout view (can't in report and can't see the ones in design)
  3. Group
    is a set of related isn't sorting (sorting and grouping are different); creates a group header and group footer
  4. group header
    appears in a report before the new group of records appears; use it to identify the group
  5. group footer
    appears below all members of the group, prior to the first record in a new group; display summary information about the group in footer
  6. preview before printing it: 2 ways
    print preview view (actual way) and report view (more flexible and prints only info you need, looks similar to layout view but can't make report design changes)
  7. Report Wizard
    fastest and easiest way to create a report
  8. guidelines for good report design (5)
    • 1. use existing paper reports when needed
    • 2. use page numbers, data, times
    • 3. ensure field order makes sense
    • 4. sorting and grouping always welcome
    • 5. keep simple
  9. controls
    labels and database fields that appear in report
  10. unbound controls
    labels to left of text boxes b/c don't vary from one database record to the next--FIXED
  11. bound controls
    associated with changing database field values b/c each control is bound to/displays a single database
  12. calculated control
    • contains an expression that computes a value based on controls in the report
    • -bound data controls, constants, Access functions
  13. grouping and sorting is helpful when
    you have a large group of information in a report
  14. conditional formatting
    when the value of a control meeting a particular specification or value
  15. Shift click controls
    press and hold the shift key while you click more than one control- this action groups the controls (selects them all) so you can perform some task on all controls at once
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