Male health

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  1. Cryptochidism
    Failure of descent of one or both of the testes into the scrotum.
  2. What puts a pt at risk for Cryptochidism?
    • Low birth weight
    • Hereditary
    • Alcoholism of mother
  3. If a pt is uncircumcised, he is more at risk for what?
    • HIV
    • STI
    • Infections
  4. Abuse is most common in what populations
    • children under 4 years
    • special needs kids
  5. Nocturnal Enueresis is most common in what populations?
    • (Bed Wetting)
    • low self esteem children
    • anxious School aged children
    • Diabetes
  6. Hypospadius
    the meatus is is on the underside of the penis; this is treated surgically
  7. Phimosis
    Inability to retract the forskin; this is painful with swelling and redness
  8. At what age do boys go through puberty
    9 1/2- 13 1/2
  9. Non Gonococcal Urethritis
    Chlamydia for men
  10. What are some signs of testicular cancer?
    • lump in testicle (pea sized)
    • Any change in testicle size (shrink/ enlarge)
    • change in consistancy of testicle (hardness)
    • feeling of heaviness in scrotum
    • dull ache in abdomen or groin
  11. What population has the highest risk of testicular cancer
    White men
  12. Name 2 risk factors for testicular cancer
    • family history
    • undescended testicles
  13. When should men begin performing testicular self exams?
    • age 13-14
    • in the shower to relax the scrotum
  14. What happens to men's sexual function as they age?
    • Lower sperm count
    • decreased circulation around age 40 (can't get it up!)
  15. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
    • non cancerous enlargment of the prostate
    • decreases urine output
    • thought to be caused by hormonal changes while aging
    • gradual impedance of urinary output
    • has same symptoms as prostate cancer
  16. Risk factors of prostate gland
    • black males
    • diet high in fat, animal products, calcium; low in fruits and veggies
    • low levels of physical activity
    • environmental factors (cadmium, tire and rubber manufacturing, farming, mechanics, sheet/metal work)
  17. Prostate specific Antigen
    • begins to elevate as you age, but also if you have prostate cancer
    • a normal level for young men is 2
    • highest "normal" value is considered to be 4
    • levels above 10 dramatically increase the probability of cancer
  18. What increases the chances of early detection of prostate cancer
    When a digital rectal exam is used with PSA
  19. Femoral nodes are also known as
    • Inguinal nodes: palpate for hardness
    • must be less than 1 cm
    • if hot or red= infection
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