topic 8 section 2

  1. three risk to companies
    • -denial of service (DOS) attacks
    • -IP spoofing
    • -Malicious Programs
  2. DOS
    designed to clog up a company's website so that legitimate customer's can't access to website.
  3. IP soofing
    designed to access to a web server or network. IP spoofing involves altering the perpetrator's company's IP address to make it look like its a different computer authorized to access to the network
  4. Malicious Programs
    virus can be used to corrupt data on companies' computers and cause other problems (i.e. Trojan)
  5. Three Risk to customers
    • -theft of credit card numbers
    • -theft of passwords
    • -loss of privacy
  6. intranets
    an intranet is like a very small internet. Private network or website used to connect a company's employees (and perhaps its trading partners) who are spread over a wide geographic area. Accessible by only the company and its trading partners
  7. Risks associated with intranets
    • -interruptions of info being transmitter in the network
    • -Unauthorized access to the company's database
    • -Override of internal controls by management or IT employees
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