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  1. what is electronic commerce (4)
    includes activities such as buying and selling goods via the internet, on-line delivery of digital products (downloading music/software), electronic funds transfers (EFT), electronic data interchange (EDI)
  2. all electronic commerce activities involve the
    electronic processing and transmission of data
  3. what is the internet?
    huge network of over 100,000 smaller networks from all over the wolrd
  4. computer was originally developed
    in the 1960's for the US military and in the 1970's grew to include university and government research institutions
  5. today the internet is also used
    by companies and individuals to communicate via a protocol (set of standards)
  6. the set of standards are called
    TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol
  7. what's the difference between the internet and WWW?
    WWW is part of the internet
  8. the world wide web (www) consists of the
    the electronic documents, or web pages, that you access using a web browser such as Internet Explorers or Netscape
  9. the web uses a protocol called
    HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to transfer electronic documents and images to your computer, called HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  10. Usenet
    worldwide bulletin board system consisting of over 14,000 forums or "newsgroups" dealing with just about every topic imaginable
  11. 3 internet business level
    information, transaction, distribution levels
  12. information level
    use the internet to display info about the company and its products on the company's website
  13. transaction level
    use the internet not only to display info but also to receive orders from customers and to place orders with the company's suppliers
  14. Distribution Level
    use the internet to actually delivers products to customers (ebooks, software videos, songs)
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