1. What structure separates the middle and external ear
    Tympanic membrane
  2. What are the 3 auditory bones of the middle ear
    incus, stapes, and malleus
  3. Conductive hearing loss signifies a mechanical dysfunction in which structures?
    What could cause conductive hearing loss?
    • middle or external ear
    • a build up of cerumen, foreign bodies, a perforated tympanic membrane, pus or serum in the middle ear, and otosclerosis (a decrease in mobility of the ossicles)
  4. What age group is most prone to ear infections and why?
    Children because they have shorter and wider eustacian tubes
  5. A cone shape reflection is usually seen where on the tympanic membrane?
    • 5 o clock in the right ear
    • and 7 o clock in the left
  6. What color should the tympanic membrane be?
    pearly gray, shiney
  7. presbycusis
    a type of hearing loss that occurs with aging, even in people living in a quiet environment
  8. If the tympanic membrane is red and bulging, what would this indicate
    • acute otitis media
    • bulging because of pressure in ear
  9. What is the auditory nerve
    Cranial Nerve VIII
  10. Transmission of sound waves in the inner ear is known as what?
    Sensorineural hearing or perceptive hearing
  11. What is the Weber's Test
    • Strike the tuning fork on the back of the hand and place it in the middle of the person's head. Ask if the sound is heard equally in both ears
    • •Conductive hearing loss- lateralization of sound to the affected ear.
    • •Sensorineural hearing loss- lateralization of sound to unaffected ear.
  12. What is the Rinne Test
    • Strike tuning fork and place on the mastoid process
    • Normal result is if Air conduction is heard 2x as long as bone conduction
    • Conductive hearing loss: if bone sound is heard longer than air
    • Sensorineural: if both bone and air are reduced overall
  13. otalgia
    pain in the ears
  14. Tinnitus
    ringing, crackling or buzzing in the ears
  15. True vertigo results from dysfunction in the
  16. When inspecting with the otoscope, the nurse should...
    • pull the pinna up and back
    • hold the otoscope upside down
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