N112 questions

  1. Which statement by the nurse indicates the patient is having an exacerbation of congestive heart failure

    A. my feet are tingling in the am

    B. I have frequent urination

    C. I have gained 4lbs in 2 days
  2. The nurse assesses the patient legs and finds that the left leg is painful, red and swollen the nurse understands these are symptom of

    A.arterial disease

    B. venous insufficiency

    C. intermittent claudication

    D. phlebitis
  3. The patient tell the nurse that her fingers pain when she is cold what would the
    nurse ask next

    A. Did you injury your hand

    B. When did this start

    C. Do your fingers turn white-raynauds disease

    D. How long does it last.
  4. The patient was given MS after surgery what would indicate a reaction to the medication (Select All that apply):

    A. Snoring

    B. RR of 12

    C. Shallow respirations

    D. Pulse ox 89%-because not breathing deep enough
    A, C, D
  5. What statement by the pateient would indicate
    possible intermittent claudication

    A. My pain is relieved with advile

    B. Warm compress helps when I get pain

    C.Sitting down relieves the pain

    D. I take asa twice a day for pain
    • C
    • Intermitten Claudication- test pt on tedmill for 3-5 min and there will be leg pain and then it goes away they test again and the same thing happens around 50%
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