1. Cicero
    A philosepher and public speaker
  2. Julius Caesar
    • Made himself dictator for life
    • Killed by the senate
    • Led his army into Italy, to desroy Pompey
  3. Marc Antony
    • Gave Julius Caesar's eulogy
    • Became leader of the roman empire,
    • Fought in the east
    • Divorced octavian's sister for cleopatra
    • They comitted suaside together during Naval Battle with Octavian
  4. Octavian
    Aka. Augustus, he and marc antony ruled roman empire, went after MA for divorcing his sister
  5. Jesus Of NAZERETH
    • He is the messiah
    • Traveled and taught his ideas
    • His story is taught in the bible the new testament and the gospel
  6. Paul of Tarsus
    The apostale who traveled throughout the roman world spreading Christianity
  7. Ovid
    Famous roman poet
  8. Constantine
    The first roman emporer to be christian
  9. Diocletian
    Divded the roman empire into 2 parts east and west
  10. Justinian
    He updated the roman laws, that guarunteed fair treatment for all people
  11. Theodora
    Helped Justinian put an end to the riots in AD 532
  12. Huns
    Warriors from central Asia, who attacked the goths and forced them into the roman empire
  13. Visagoths
    In AD 410 marched into rome and desroyed the city.
  14. Claudius
    Under his rule, the romans conquered Britain
  15. Byzantine Empire
    eastern part of the roman empire where most people spoke greek
  16. Pax Romana
    a peaceful period that lasted 200 years
  17. Bible
    the holy book of christianity
  18. corruption
    decay of peoples values
  19. civil law
    a leagal system based on a written code of laws
  20. christianity
    • a religion that began in the FIRST century AD
    • Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
  21. Disiples
    people who follow the teachings of another person
  22. New Testiment
    Tells about the life and teachings of Jesus
  23. Constantinople
    the capital of the eastern roman empire.
  24. Arches and Vaults
    The best way to create a huge open area within a building
  25. cement
    the materials the romans invented that made their structures last
  26. Reasons for the fall of rome?
    • -desiese
    • -Increased taxes
    • -corruption
  27. What ended the western roman empire?
    a barbarian general overthrew the emporer and named himself king
  28. Why was Julius Caesar killed?
    Because he named himself dictator for life
  29. Why is the cross a symbol of chrisianity?
    • Jesus was executed on the cross
    • he rose from the dead
    • he is the messiah
    garunteed fair treatment to all people
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