1. How is a bruise removed?
    The material is removed by phagocytes
  2. What are the 4 activities of hemostasis following injury to the blood or blood vessels?
    • 1. local spasm of arterial blood vessels and vasoconstriction (to reduce blood flow)
    • 2. formation of a platelet plug to seal damaged blood vessels
    • 3. activation of blood clotting factors to form stringy polymers of protein fibrin
    • 4. fibrous tissue invades clot to permanently close hole
  3. What is the advantage of hemostasis after an injury to blood/ blood vessels?
    Decreases blood loss
  4. 4 steps of forming a platelet plug..
    • 1. Platelets adhere to exposed collagen fivers beneath endothelium of damage vessel.
    • 2. Platelets are activated and aggregate to form plug.
    • 3. Platelets release their granules.
    • 4. Platelet plug stops bleeding.
  5. What reduces the chances of a blood clot forming?
    Too much aspirin
  6. Aspirin can be taken to reduce the risk of coronary thrombosis aka ___.
    Heart clot/ heart attack.
  7. What chemical releases activating Prothrombin?
    Stuart Factor/ Factor X
  8. What activates chemical reactions that result in stick Fibrin fibers?
  9. Damaged tissue releases what?
  10. What assists in making clotting factors needed to initiate Stuart Factor/ Factor X?
    Vitamin K
  11. What is the group of genetic dicorders in which a "wrong" amino acid is inserted into a clotting factor protein?
  12. What is the effect of hemophilia?
    Insoluble fibrin clots do not form correctly/ the formation of the fibrin meshwork and a fibrin/ platelet clot fails.
  13. Hemophilia A (factor 8 deficiency) is ___.
    X-linked recessive
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