Ancient History - Review for Exam

  1. Who was Cecrops?
    Cecrops was the half-serpent king, who was one of the first kings of Athens.
  2. Which two people killed Hipparchus, but failed to kill Hippias?
    Harmodius, and Aristogiton.
  3. Who became famous for writing a poem about the war?
  4. Who was a eupatride?
    He was someone in the oligarchy, and they usually gave laws benefitting themselves.
  5. Against whom did Athens fight against for Salamis?
  6. Who were the three main archons?
    • King Archon- (priest)
    • Eponymous Archon- (main archon)
    • War Archon- (general in war)
  7. What the autochthonous literally mean?
    It means "sprung from the earth."
  8. What is a hopla?
    A round shield that the Spartans used, that had a one meter circumference.
  9. At what age was a boy taken away from his family?
    At the age of 7.
  10. What did Lycurgus do?
    He made huge reforms for the Spartan gov't.
  11. Who deciphered Linear B?
    Michael Ventris.
  12. Who wrote the Iliad, and the Odyssey?
    Homer, in the 8th century BCE.
  13. In around what time period did the Trojan War take place, and how long did it supposedly last?
    The Trojan War took place for 10 years sometime between the years 1250-1184 BCE.
  14. Who was Telemachus?
    He was the son of Odysseus.
  15. Who was a regent?
    A regent was a person who ruled for an infant leader, who was not capable of being a king.
  16. What was the purpose of Mt. Taygetus for the Spartans.
    If a baby didn't seem healthy, this is where the elders left the infant to die.
  17. What was the Ephors?
    The Ephors were 5 people in a group, who supervised the king's conduct, and declared Helot-hunting day.
  18. What was the Assembly/Homoioi?
    The Homoioi was consisted of all Spartan male citizens over the age of 30.
  19. Who were the helots?
    The helots were the slaves of the people of Sparta.
  20. what was the perioikoi? (In the Spartan gov't)
    • the people living around Sparta.
    • (they had no right to vote)
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