1. Why Fly?
    • -Larger Disance, shorter time.
    • -Migration
    • -Discover new areas inaccesable to land
    • -Escape predators
    • -Swoop down and get prey. (Great eye sight)
  2. Which animals could fly ?
    • -Insects
    • -Flying fish !! (200m) (Wings)
    • -Indonesian flying frogs (Webbed feet)
    • -Lizards + Gecko's , (Ribs extend , Membrane)
    • -Flying snakes ! (Body's flatten out)
  3. Bats are from how long ago?
    60million years ago
  4. Bats are what type of animal?
  5. How many fingers do bats have?
    4 elongated fingers
  6. Flying reptiles have how many fingers?
    One, elongated finger.
  7. Birds, since when?
    Late jurrassic
  8. Early bird fossils come from what type of rock?
    Solnhofen Limestone
  9. Archeopterix , first mammel bird
    Beak + Teeth ! Unusual!
  10. Pterosaurs are from when?
    Late cretaceous.

    Have beak + Teeth, unusual!
  11. What do flyers have in common?
    • -Wings
    • -Hollow light bones for body weight reduction
    • -Fused joints for reduced mobility for controlled movement

    -Warm-Blooded, so always high levels of energy.
  12. Why do birds have poor fosilization history?
    Hollow bones
  13. Solnhofen - Germany
    140 Mil Years ago, Central europe was under water.

    Tethian Sea, across central europe.

    -Solfhofen Limestone used by romans as building blocks. Used for Lithographing.
  14. Solfhofen Limstone
    Used for lithographing.

    Split easy and have alot of fossils
  15. Why's a lagoon ideal for fossilization?
    • -HyperSaline
    • -Carcass's fall in and settle down to the sea floor
    • -Lack of scavengers destroying carcass's
    • -Cover of very fine sediment
    • -Forming sedimentary rock
  16. What is a pterosaur?
    • Winged Lizard
    • -Late Cretaceous
    • -Survived 140million years ago
    • -NOT dinosaurs. They're Winged Reptiles.
    • -Worldwide distribution.
  17. Pterosaurs Ancestors?
    Missing Link. Pterosaurs ancestors are missing.

    What did they evolve from?
  18. Scheleromochius?
    Jumping rat, supposedly pterosaurs ancestor maybe?

    Can't fly. Jumps around and shit.

    No wings. Hops.
  19. Ramphoryhnchoidia is what type of dino?

    Teeth, Tail,


    Type of Pterosaur
  20. The more advanced type of Pterosaurs?

    • -More advanced
    • -Longer skulls / necks
    • -Fused backbones / Should region
    • -Strong flyers
    • -Long wrist bones
    • -Shorter/Tiny tail.
    • -5Th toe.
  21. Features of Pterosaurs ?
    • Leathery bat-like wing
    • One elongated finger
    • 3 More short fingers for grasping prey, with claws.
  22. Pterosaur's largest found wingspan?
  23. Head characteristics of Pterosaurs?
    • Large openings in head beetween nostril and eye.
    • Sharp bill. Some with teeth some without.
  24. The skull of the Pterodactaloid is ?
    Large and Complex !
  25. The skull of the Ramphotoid is ?
    Small, no ornamintation
  26. What did Pterosaurs eat?
    Insects + Fish
  27. Some Pterosaurs feet were?
  28. Ptarosaurs, Bipedal or Quadropedal?
    Good question yo !
  29. Pterosaurs , Active flyers or saurers?
    Larger ones saured, glided...

    Smaller ones, flapped and shitt.
  30. Arboreal Hypothysis
    Tree Climbers maybe ?

    But claws found only on hands :(
  31. Cursorial Hypothysis:
    Long legs, running on the ground trying to acheive lift.

    Like an albatross :)
  32. Pteranodon
    • Long bony head crest
    • Light bird
    • 7M Wingspan
    • No teeth, Long beek !
  33. Lifestyle in Triassic;
  34. Lifestyle in Cretaceos;
  35. How many species of Pterosaurs?
  36. 20% alone of Pterosaur species found where?
    Solnhofen Germany
  37. Early type of Pterosaur
    • Tail with ball at the end
    • Beak with the teeth
  38. Birds and Dinosaurs comparison , goes back to whom?
    Thomas Huxley.

    Listed 35 common factors beetween dinosaurs + birds.

    17 Characters are still valid.
  39. Ornithodira group is what?
    • A group created by Gauthier, including;
    • -Dinosaurs
    • -Pterosaurs
    • -Birds

    • 4 Toes, 3 point forward, 1 Thumb-like.
    • All toes have a claw
  40. Pedopenna is what?
    Only other feathered fossil from the Jurassic besides the Archeopterix
  41. Archeopterx is what blooded?
    • Cold blooded!
    • Feathers make no sense when an animal needs thermal conditioning!
  42. Sinosauropterix is special because it's the ?
    First feathered dinosaur, found in 1996
  43. What's caudipterix like?
    Turkey size fast running feathered dinosaur, Bipedal !

    Basically a turkey.
  44. Microraptor is what?
    tree dweller with gliding ability
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