Reproductive 3

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    vaginal canal
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    vaginal canal
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    vaginal canal
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    vaginal orifice
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    vaginal orifice
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    vaginal orifice
  12. when would levels of GnRH be higher? in normal or castrated adult male?
    castrated male would be higher
  13. function of sertoli cells of seminiferous tubules?
    • maintain blood testis barrier
    • support spermiogenesis
    • secrete inhibin and androgen-binding protien
  14. what muscles contract to result in ejaculation?
    • ischiocavernousus muscle
    • bulbocavernosus muscle
  15. when is FSH greater? secretory phase of uterine cycle or postmenopause?
    postmenopausal woman
  16. normal mature human spermatozoa contain how many chromosomes?
    23 chromosomes only (NOT PAIRS)
  17. extensive mesentary that encloses ovaries, uterine tubes and uterus?
    broad ligament
  18. where sperm production occurs?
    seminiferous tubules
  19. what must happen for erection and ejaculation to occur?
    • sufficient blood hydrostatic pressure
    • parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of NS functioning
    • urinary sphincters must open
  20. how many chromosomes do somatic cells contain?
    23 pairs AND 46 total chromosomes
  21. what is greater, primordial follicles at birth or puberty?
    greater at birth
  22. structures that transport ovum to uterus?
    uterine tube
  23. what happens with hormones at puberty in both sexes
    • FSH increases
    • LH decrease
  24. segment of uterine tube that connects to uterine wall?
  25. in males what causes testosterone production?
  26. organ to provide mechanical protection and nutritional support for developing embryo?
  27. as sperm cells develop and go through meiosis they then become what ?
  28. which is greater, cellular metabolism when progesterone is high or low?
    progesterone levels are HIGH
  29. what portion of uterus is the inferior portion that exteends from isthmus to vagina
  30. what structures manufacture products that become part of semen?
    • seminiferous tubules
    • bulbourethral glands
    • seminal vesicles
    • prostate gland
  31. inferior portion of uterus the projects into vagina
  32. cells formed at end of meiosis?
  33. ovarian follicles are found where?
  34. muscle layer of uterus
  35. which structure contains major blood vessels of ovary?
    suspensory ligament
  36. process of egg formation?
  37. what region of ovary do follicles develop?
  38. membrane partially covering vaginal orifice?
  39. what is the cell that is ovulated?
    secondary oocyte
  40. is oogonia diploid or haploid?
  41. what structure in females are same as males foreskin?
  42. when is corpus luteum formed?
    after ovulation
  43. when primordial follicles form?
    embryonic development
  44. difference between follicular cells and granulosa cells?
    • follicular are in outermost layer where follicle is
    • granulosa cells are inner layer nearest oocyte
  45. for a primary follicle, the stage oocyte is in when in meiosis?
    prophase 1
  46. stage of meiosis when oocyte goes through ovulation?
    metaphase 2
  47. when oocyte is expelled?
  48. how do ovarian arteries and viens get to ovary?
    through suspensory ligament
  49. what specific portion or region of uterine tube does fertilization occur?
  50. ligament that attaches ovary to posterior pelvic wall?
    suspensory ligament
  51. when oocyte finishes meiosis?
    after fertilizatoin
  52. when do primary follicles begin to develop?
    after puberty
  53. stage of meiosis graafinian cell is in?
    metaphase 2
  54. stage of meiosis that primary oocyte goes through?
    prophase 1
  55. what is polar body? when does it occur? why does it occur?
    to conserve nutrients, cytoplasm segregates into oocyte or ovum, during meiosis 1 and 2. The remaining daughter cells generated from meiotic events contain little cytoplasm and eventually degenerate.
  56. ligament that surrounds uterine tube?
    broad ligament
  57. List in order from oogonium to zygote?
    • oogonium
    • primary oocyte
    • secondary oocyte
    • first polar body
    • secondary oocyte
    • ovum
    • second polar body
    • zygote
  58. zygote diploid or haploid?
  59. waht type of oocyte is being expelled during ovulation
    secondary oocyte
  60. name of follicle that is ovulated?
    graafian follicle
  61. secondary follicle stage of meiosis for oocyte?
    prophase 1
  62. if woman can produce normal amt of milk but unable to deliver to infant what is damaged?
    • mammary duct
    • lactiferous sinus
    • lactiferous duct
    • lactiferous duct opening
  63. during ovulation oocyte is in what stage of meiosis?
    metaphse 11
  64. ovum is diploid or haploid?
    ovum is haploid, zygote is diploid
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    secondary oocyte
  66. Image Upload 13

    what is number 2 and number 3?
    primary oocyte
  67. Image Upload 14

    number 4?
    secondry oocyte
  68. Image Upload 15
    number 5?
    number 7?
    • 5- graafian
    • 7- primordial
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    adipose tissue
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  71. Image Upload 18
  72. Image Upload 19
    ampulla of uterine tube
  73. Image Upload 20
    ampulla of uterine tube
  74. Image Upload 21
    antrum filled with follicular fluid
  75. Image Upload 22
    antrum filled with follicular fluid
  76. stage of meiosis?
    Image Upload 23
    prophase 1
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    body of uterus
  79. Image Upload 26
    broad ligament
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    cervical canal
  81. Image Upload 28
    cervical canal
  82. Image Upload 29what is the region?
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  84. Image Upload 31
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    corpus albicans
  87. Image Upload 34
    corpus luteum
  88. Image Upload 35
    corpus luteum
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  90. Image Upload 37
    what layer?
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  92. Image Upload 39
    external os
  93. Image Upload 40
    external os
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