acute pancreatitis

  1. Combining of calcium with fatty acids during fat necrosis is?
  2. Cavity continuous with pancreas filled with necrotic products and secretions is?
  3. Pancreatic enzymes pass from peritoneal cavity through diaphragmatic lymph channels is?
    pleural effusion
  4. Exudation of blood and plasma into retroperitoneal space is?
  5. Extensive pancreatic necrosis with resultant fluid-filled cavity is?
    pancreatic abscess
  6. Lab test that is most commonly used to diagnose acute pancreatitis?
    serum amylase
  7. Why would a pt with AP need NG suction?
    to prevent gastric contents from entering the duodenum
  8. Pt complaining of pain is given analgesics. What is another intervention to help relieve pain?
    position pt on the side with HOB elevated to 45 degrees.
  9. Nurse should teach AP pt to:
    • observe for fat in stool
    • do not drink alcohol
    • continue to monitor blood glucose until pancreas is healed.
  10. What is a nursing intervension when giving pt with Chronic Pancreatitis pancreatic enzymes?
    should be given with meals and snacks
  11. A risk factor associated with cancer of the pancreas is?
    alcohol intake
  12. In a radical pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple's procedure) for tx of pancreatic cancer, what structures are completely resected?
    • duodenum
    • gallbladder
  13. What anatomic structures are partially resected in Whipple's procedure?
    • distal stomach
    • distal common bile duct
  14. What anastomoses are made in Whipple's procedure?
    • proximal pancreas,
    • pancreatic duct to jejunum
    • common bile duct to jejunum
    • stomach to jejunum
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