ETEC Terms

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  1. What are alpha needs?

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    Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and it implies a beginning or a priority of the first order. Thus alpha needs suggests essential or basic needs.
  2. Critical Incident Theory is used to collect:
    A. real world examples of behavior
    B. opinions about about what a job should include
    C. judgments about someone's work performance
    D. rumors about administration
    E. data about learners' wants
    • A.
    • Explanation: According to Gentry, CIT is based on actual behavior.
  3. What is the Delphi Technique?
    A. it's the same as a Fault Tree Analysis
    B. it's similar to Critical Incident Technique but a little different
    C. it refers to the oracle at Delphi in Greek Mythology
    D. it's a method to collect opinions from people who are uneducated
    E. it's a method to collected opinions from informed people
    • E.
    • According to Gentry, the Delphi Technique collects informed judgments.
  4. Who is this man?
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    Hint: He has something to do with Ed Tech.
    This is Robert Gagne, the author of our textbook.
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