N112 nose, mouth, throat

  1. Note occlusion of teeth
    while patient clenches teeth and smiles (CN VII)
  2. Inspect for tongue deviation, tremor, & limitation of movement while patient
    extends tongue (CN XII)
  3. Depress tongue with tongue blade and have patient say “ahhh”
    •note symmetrical rising of soft palate & uvula remains midline (CN IX Gag Reflex & CN X Vagus)
  4. Elicit gag reflex
    touch posterior wall of pharynx on each side (CN IX & X)
  5. What is the normal size for the Tonsils
    Normal- +1

    +2, +3, +4
  6. Atrophic Glossitis
    Vitamin B 12 deficiency; type of anemia
  7. Hairy Black Tongue
    Use of antibiotic and can be yellow black or brown , growth of fungus.
  8. Dysphagia
    •difficulty swallowing

    –Thickened liquids

    –Pureed foods


  9. Early signs of oral cancer include
    –A sore that does not seem to heal

    –A smooth or leathery white patch or lump

    –A prolonged sore throat or feeling that something is in the throat

    –Difficulty chewing

    –Restricted movement of the tongue or jaw
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N112 nose, mouth, throat
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