1. What type of cirrhosis – Vascular congestion of liver?
  2. What type of cirrhosis – diffuse liver fibrosis?
  3. What type of cirrhosis – malnutrition related?
  4. What type of cirrhosis – associated with chemical toxicity?
  5. What type of cirrhosis – Early fatty infiltration?
  6. What type of cirrhosis – viral induced?
  7. What type of cirrhosis – chronic biliary obstruction?
  8. A more sensitive antibody test for HCV includes the use of the?
    recombinant and immunoblot assay (RIBA)
  9. Decreased prothrombin production causes?
    Petechia, purapura, epistaxis, bruising, gingival bleeding & heavy menstrual bleeding
  10. Vascular congestion of spleen causes?
    Anemia, leucopenia, thrombocytopenia
  11. Increased estrogen metabolism causes?
    Testicular atrophy, spider angiomas, male gynecomastia, amenorrhea
  12. Stretching of liver capsule causes?
    Dull, heavy, RUQ pain
  13. Decreased bilirubin conjugation and excretion causes?
  14. Altered carb, protein and fat metabolism causes?
    Anorexia & dyspepsia
  15. Vitamin B deficiency causes?
    Peripheral neuropathy
  16. Prophylactic immunologic used for preexposure protection to HBV?
    Hep B vaccine (Recombivax HB Engerix B)
  17. Prophylactic immunity to postexposure protection to HBV?
    Hep B immuneglobulin (HB1g) and Hep B vaccine
  18. Type of jaundice associated with gallstones is ?
  19. The type of serum bilirubin that is elevated is most likely?
  20. Hemolytic jaundice is caused by?
    Destruction of RBC
  21. Type of bilirubin elevated in the blood is?
  22. Jaundice resulting from failure of the liver to conjugate and excrete bilirubin is known as?
    Hepatocellular jaundice
  23. Hepatocellular jaundice causes of serum elevations of ________ & ________ bilirubin
    Conjugated and nonconjugated
  24. What type of hepatitis is caused by IV drug use?
    Hep C
  25. What type of hepatitis is uncommon in US?
    Hep E
  26. What type of hepatitis -exists only with Hep B?
    Hep D
  27. What type of hepatitis is caused by a DNA virus?
    Hep B
  28. What type of hepatitis is most common cause of chronic hepatitis?
    Hep C
  29. What type of hepatitis often causes asymptomatic anicteric hepatitis?
    Hep A
  30. What type of hepatitis chronic carriers have increased risk for hepatocellular cancer?
    Hep B
  31. What type of hepatitis has no chronic carrier state?
    Hep A
  32. What type of hepatitis has no readily available diagnostic serology tests?
    Hep E
  33. What type of hepatitis is the usual cause of hepatitis epidemics?
    Hep A
  34. In addition to HBV antigens and antibodies, the best indicator of active, HBV replication is the presence of ?
    Hep B virus DNA
  35. The HBV antibody that is a marker of response to the HBV vaccine is ?
  36. The HBV antibody that does not appear after immunization is?
    Anti-HBc, IgG
  37. Systemic effects of viral hepatitis are caused primarily by?
    Activation of the complement system by antigen-antibody complexes
  38. During the incubation period of viral hepatitis, the nurse would expect the patient to report?
    Anorexia and RUQ discomfort
  39. Fulminant hepatic failure as a complication of viral hepatitis is highest in people with?
    Hep B with Hep D
  40. Those who have had household or close contact with pt who has Hep A should receive ?
    Immune globulin
  41. What is drug treatment for acute Hep B?
    There are no specific drugs that are effective for treating acute viral hepatitis
  42. Most challenging nursing intervention to promote healing in viral hepatitis?
    Providing adequate nutritional intake
  43. Pt with autoimmune hepatitis will be treated with?
    Corticosteroids or other immunosuppressant drugs
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