Race & Ethnicity

  1. An Ethnic Group
    • is a
    • category of people regarded as socially distinct because they share a way of
    • life, a collective history, a sense of themselves as a people and a commitment
    • to the ideas, norms, and material things that constitute that way of life
  2. •Minority Group

    Refers to a socially identified collection of people

    who …

    a Experience discrimination

    a Suffer social disadvantages because of discrimination

    a Possess a
    strong self-consciousness based on
    their shared experiences of
    discriminatory treatment

    Refers to
    relative power

    Visible Minority = refers to
    racial minority groups

    who are identifiably
    different from racial majority

  3. racism involves
    • •involves discrimination or unequal treatment on basis of
    • physical traits that are considered culturally and biologically inferior … may
    • be deliberate or more indirect and unintentional

    • §simply, a belief
    • of superiority of one race over another
  4. •Ethnicity refers to …
    • §cultural heritage of a particular group of people and based
    • on characteristics associated with cultural traditions and background … may
    • also related to a person’s national origin

    §cultural heritage of a group
  5. race
    • §category of people regarded as socially distinct because they
    • share genetic traits believed important by those with power & influence in
    • society … biologically distinct from
    • other populations

    • §Race depends on a classification system through which
    • meanings are given to physical traits
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