CH14 - CNET Key Terms

  1. Network troubleshooting devices that can test for cable defects, monitor network collisions, and monitor network congestion.
    Cable testers
  2. A network troubleshooting tool that measures voltage, amperage, and resistance on a cable or other conductive element.
    Digital voltmeter (DVM)
  3. A web document with two parts to each entry. The first part is a question the manufacturer has anticipated or received from customers; the second part is an answer to that question.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. A set of objects containing information about a networking device that SNMP uses to manage that device.
    Management information base (MIB)
  5. Software that monitors network traffic and gathers information about packet types, errors, and packet traffic to and from each computer.
    Network monitors
  6. Network trouble shooting devices that measure the signal voltage per amount of time. When used with a TDR, they can help define cable problems.
  7. A method of forestalling network problems by planning in advance and performing regular network maintenance.
    Preemptive troubleshooting
  8. Specialized software that gathers network data and provides statistics to a network management console.
    Remote Monitoring (RMON)
  9. Part of an upgrade plan that provides instructions on how to undo the upgrade if problems happen during the upgrade.
    Rollback plan
  10. A condition that occurs when conductors that are normally insulated from one another establish a connection. In a coaxial cable, if the shield and the internal conductor become connected, the cable stops functioning because the ______ blocks all network traffic; the same condition can occur in twisted-pair cable if two or more of the paired wires become connected.
    Short circuit
  11. Part of the SNMP structure loaded on to each device to be monitored.
    Software agents
  12. A network troubleshooting device that can determine whether there's a break or short in the cable and, if so, approximately how far down the cable it's located.
    Time-domain reflectometer (TDR)
  13. The process of detecting problems, identifying causes or contributing factors, and applying necessary workarounds or repairs to eliminate their effects.
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CH14 - CNET Key Terms
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