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  1. What do monocytes consume? (3)
    • 1. bacteria
    • 2. fungi
    • 3. dead cells
  2. How long do monocytes live?
    several weeks to months
  3. Why are monocytes easy to recognize?
    They have monogrammed M nucleus and sometimes the nucleus is kidney shaped.
  4. Identification of blood cells can be done by using....
    pattern-recognition software
  5. What is a condition where bone marrow stop producing WBCs, infections occur, and the infection can cause death within 3-6 days?
  6. What is a cancer of the blood marrow (where RBCs are produced) when cells continue to divide, but fail to mature?They later lodge in the spleen, lymph nodes, and liver.
  7. Are platelets who cells, or cell fragments?
    Cell fragments
  8. What are the products of the breakup of megakaryoctes in the bone marrow?
  9. How many platelets are there in the blood?
    About 300,000 per microliter
  10. What do platelets contain that allow them to change shape?
    Actin and myosin
  11. What is hemostasis?
    The process of preventing bleeding
  12. What does the failure of hemostasis lead to?
    Internal hemorrhage or bleeding (which can lead to anemia, or in an extreme case... death)
  13. What is caused by a leakage of blood from sucutaneous capillaries?
    a bruise
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