Ch 20 Drug Classifications

  1. pharmacology
    the study of drugs
  2. Classification of drugs is based on...
    • -chemical ingredients
    • -method by which it is used
    • -area of body that is treated
  3. therapeutic classification
    method of classification determined by drug's therapeutic use

    ex. diuretic (promotes excretion of urine) describes drug's effect on body
  4. Mechanism of Action
    method of classification that describes clinical action of drug

    ex. antinausea drug (to combat vomiting)
  5. Analgesics
    selevtively suppresses pain
  6. Narcotic Analgesics/
    Opioid analgesics
    morphine-like drugs that relieve pain and cause CNS depression
  7. Nonnarcotic Analgesics/
    Nonopioid Analgesics
    relieve pain without CNS depression
  8. Antirheumatics
    used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in patients who have not responded to more traditional treatment

    Ex: Salicylates and NSAIDS
  9. Anti-Infectives
    used to treat infection by killing infectious agent or inhibits its growth
  10. Amebicides
    Anti-infective used to treat intestinal and extraintestinal amebiasis
  11. Aminoglycosides
    anti-infective bactericidal agent used to treat gram-negative infections
  12. Anthelmintics
    anti-infective used to treat malarial infections
  13. Antimalarial Agents
    anti-infective used to treat malarial infections
  14. Antiprotozoals
    anti-infective used to treat infections caused by protozoa
  15. Antituberculosis Agents
    anti-infective used to treat infections caused by protozoa
  16. Antivirals
    anti-infective used to treat viral infections by inhibiting virus replication
  17. Antineoplastics
    inhibit or prevent the growth of malignant cells
  18. Antiseptics
    inhibit or stop bacterial growth without killing/destroying bacteria
  19. Cardiovascular Agents
    treat conditions of heart and vascular systems
  20. types of cardiovascular agents
    • angiotensin
    • antiarrythmic agents
    • antihypertensives
    • beta-blockers
    • calcium channel blockers
    • cardiac glycosides
    • vasodilators
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Ch 20 Drug Classifications
Ch 20 Drug Classifications