MGT Lecture Note Final

  1. Attempt to ensure EEO for individuals regardless of their memebership in certain protected groups/classes
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
    Enforces EEO laws, consists of 6 members appointed by the President.
  3. Law targeting Broad groups that..
    Makes it illegal to refuse to hire or fire any individual due to his race etc. or limit, segregate or classify his employmees in any way that would deprive employment.
    Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) (Federal)
  4. What was the major change that was made in the CRA of 1991 to the CRA 1964?
    • It allows for compensatory damages and punitive damages (if discrimination was intentional)
    • and employer has to prove business necessity.
  5. The Act that states that men and women performing equal work in the same organization must receive equal pay (with the exceptions of differences in senority, merit and quality/quantity of production)
    Equal Pay Act
  6. According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, preganancy must be treated as...
    ...any other disablility
  7. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits discrimination to workers over the age of...
    • ...40.
    • Note: also, firms cannot only hire younger workers, nore can they coerce early retirement
  8. Act that prohibits discrimnation against employees with disabilities..
    American with Disabilities Act
  9. Define Disability.
    a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (blindness, deafness,paralysis etc)
  10. Define "Marginal" job function.
    Less important duties that need not be performed by all job holders (ex abilitiy to stand for extended time as a chashier)
  11. Define "Essential" job function.
    fundamental duties of the posistion that must be perfored by all job holders (ex. Speaking English)
  12. What is the key distinction between marginal and essential job function?
    Cannot refuse employment if a disability only affects marginal, but can if it affects essential job functions, but only if a "reasonable accomodation" cannot be made without 'undue hardship'. (69% accom cost nothing)
  13. Points about Casey Martin: (4)
    • 1. Golfer with ciculatory disorder
    • 2. Leg swells with aerobic activity
    • 3. Used golf carts, but PGA didnt allow carts.
    • 4. Casey sued to use cart.
  14. Arguement in favor of golf cart:
    carts are used by PGA in some instances
  15. Arguement against golf cart:
    Cart could fundabmentally alter the cometitive nature of game (could add one stroke per round)
  16. True or False: The percentage of disabled Americans who are working has changed since the ADA began.
  17. How many claims of disablility are without merit?
    50%- Few claims actually deal wiht disabilities that motivated the act ( blind,deaf, paralysis etc)
  18. How many and what percentage of the American work force are illegal immigrants in the US?
    7 million (5%)
  19. What act prohibits employment discrimination based on citizenship or national origin unless the individual is illegal?
    Immigration Reform and Control Act
  20. What form must employers complete after hiring a new employee?
  21. Which two presidents issued executive orders regarding Affirmative Action?
    JFK (1961) and Lyndon Johnson
  22. Motive of CRA and EEOC?
    DECREASE discrimination
  23. Motive of Affirmative Action?
    REDRESS discrimination
  24. Involved special training programs and recruitment efforts for minority groups, and allows for consideration of a group status in making employment decisions after qualifications screening.
    Affirmative Action
  25. AA programs viewd more favorably by majority and minority members when: (2)
    • 1. The program targets multiple groups
    • 2. the goal of the program is to increase diversity
  26. T/F- Rigid quota systmes typically have been deemed unconstitutional, as well as college admission systems that award points for group status.
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