Psychology final

  1. psychotherapy
    a psychological intervention designed to help people resolve emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems and improve the quality of their lives
  2. Psychiratrist
    medical doctor w/ prescribing privileges.
  3. psychiratrist role/setting
    physicians, private practice, hospitals, medical centers, schools, academic and others.
  4. psychodynamic
    freudian therapists and those influenced by freuds techniques
  5. Free association
    technique in which patients express themselves without censorship of any sort
  6. dream analysis
    the therapist task is to interpert the relation of the dream to the patients daytime experience and the dreams symbolic significance
  7. Humanistic-existiential psychotherapy
    therapies that share an emphasis on the development of human potential and belief that human nature is basically postitive
  8. Humanistic-existiential psychotherapist
    stress the importance of assumming responisibility for decisions
  9. Person-centered therapy
    therapy centering on the patients goals and ways of solving problems. Rogers.
  10. Carl Rogers
    Unconditional positive regard, empathy
  11. Behavior therapists
    therapist who focus on specific problems behaviors and current variables that maintain problematic thoughts, feeling and behaviors.
  12. Behavioral
    Focus on PRESENT and only on behavior
  13. Systematic desensitization
    patients are taught to relax as they are gradually exposed to what they fearin a stepwise manor, helps with phobias
  14. Cognitive Behavioral therapies
    treatment that attempts to replace maladaptive or irrational cognitions with more adaptive, rational cognitions.
  15. Group Therapy 1
    therapy that treats more than one person at a time, cost effective and more time and safe.
  16. Group Therapy 2
    Clients are not alone, get social support from other group members and very efficient.
  17. Behavioral of CBT
    most effective therapies
  18. Very important factor
  19. empirically supported therapies
    treatments for sepcific diorders supported by high-quality scientific evidence
  20. empirically supported treatment
    based upon research only science shuld inform a therapist about treatment
  21. Placebo Effect
    can lead to significant symptom relief because clients "want" the therapy to work.
  22. biological treament
  23. Pharmacotherapy
    use of medication to treat psychological problems.
  24. Schizophrenia
    medication is necessary.
  25. depression
    antidepressant prozac is for
  26. attention problems
    psychostimulant ritalin is for...
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