Chemistry ch 8

  1. Mole
    SI unit for the amount of substance in a given example.
  2. Moles are equal to the amount of substance that contains as many particles as
    12g C-12
  3. Avagadro's Number
    The number of particals (atoms) in a mole of any element
  4. Molar mass is measured in
  5. Molecular mass is measured in
  6. Molar mass
    • The mass of one mole of a pure substance
    • (Atomic weight)
  7. Most reactions take place in
    a solution
  8. Molarity
    Describes the concentration of a solution
  9. Molarity formula
    • Moles of solute//dm^3 of solvent
    • Or Moles//Liters
  10. Percent compisition of a compound gives the
    Relative amount of each element present
  11. Percent compisition stepls
    • 1. Calculate the molar mass of each element
    • 2. Calculate the formula mass for the compound
    • 3. Divide the mass of each element by the total
    • 4. Multiply by 100
  12. Empirical Formula
    The simplest whole-number ratio of different atoms in a compound
  13. Moles in a compound are in
    simple, whole number ratios
  14. Hydrates
    Crystalline compounds (solids) in which ions or molecules of the compounds attach to one or more water molecules.
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