1. in place of parents
    in loco parentis
  2. torts
    civil wrongs
  3. reliable tests
    give consistent results
  4. valid tests
    measure what they are intended to measure
  5. norm-referenced
    comparing students to students
  6. criteriean-referenced
    set criteria, you see how each student does individually
  7. achievement test
    ACT; what students know
  8. aptitude test
    your potential in a certain area
  9. FAPE
    Free Appropriate Public Education
  10. AYP
    Adequate Yearly Progress
  11. IEP
    Individual Education Plan
  12. RTI
    Response To Intervention; Does the child qualify for special education?
  13. TAKS
    Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
  14. TEKS
    Texas Essential Knowledge of Skills
  15. ESL
    English as a Second Language
  16. ELL
    English Language Learners
  17. PHLOTE
    Primary Home Language Other Than English
  18. LRE
    Least Restricted Environment
  19. IDEA
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  20. FERPA
    Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
  21. ARD
    Mission Review and Dismissal
  22. LEP
    Limited English Proficiency
  23. LD
    Learning Disability/Learning Disabled
  24. NCLB
    No Child Left Behind
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