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  1. Coaxial cable has a single copper wire down the middle and a braided shield around it.
  2. 10Base5 Ethernet uses twisted-pair cabling rated CAT-3 or higher and an RJ-45 connector.
  3. A hub is smarter and more efficient than a switch and keeps a table of all the devices connected to it.
  4. A subnet mask is a group of four dotted decimal numbers that tells TCP/IP if a computer’s IP address is on the same or a different network than another computer.
  5. You can see the status of the wireless connection by double-clicking the Wireless Network Connection icon in the Network Connections window.
  6. A ____ consists of personal devices at close range such as a cell phone, PDA, and notebook computer in communication.
  7. A ____ covers a small local area such as a home, office, or other building or small group of buildings.
  8. A device on a network is called a(n) ____.
  9. Every network adapter has a 48-bit (6-byte) number hard-coded on the card by its manufacturer that is used to identify the adapter on the network; this number is called the ____ address.
  10. Data is transmitted on a network in pieces called ____.
  11. Give two Popular examples of broadband technology.
    DSL and Cable Modem
  12. What is the purpose of DSL Filters on phone jacks in your home?
    To filter out static on your regular telephones.
  13. Which type profile that Vista assigns to a network connection offers the least security?
    A domain profile
  14. What is the speed in bits per second of 1000BaseT network?
    1GB per second or roughly 1 billion bits per second
  15. Which command is used to find DNS server's information about domain name?
  16. What is the maximum length of an Ethernet Cable on a 100BaseT network?
    100 meters or 328 feet
  17. How is a DHCP reservation on a router used?
    Assigns the same IP to a computer each time in connects to the network. the computer is identified by its MAC address.
  18. Which command can give you the hop count from your computer to another?
  19. What device is required so that you can connect to a regular telephone to a VoIP network
    ATA(Analog Telephone Adapter) device
  20. Which type of Net command can be used to map a network drive?
    Net Use
  21. What industry is required by law to use the HIPAA security standards?
    The Health industry
  22. Name three types of passwords that can be set in the BIOS setup?
    • User power-on password
    • Supervisor power-on password
    • Drive lock password
  23. What is the purpose of a Digital Certificate?
    To prove you are who you say you are; it establishes your identity.
  24. Why is the name of your pet is not a strong password?
    Because it is easy to guess.
  25. What folder in Vista is intended to be used for folders and files that all users share?
    C:\Public folder
  26. What Vista tool can be used to encrypt an entire hard drive?
    Bitlocker Encryption
  27. What files system must be used in order to encrypt folders and files in Windows Vista or XP?
  28. What type of Malware can copy itself over a network without involving a host program?What type of Malaware can copy itself over a network without involving a host program?
    A worm
  29. What applet in the XP Control Panel is used to reset a password?
    Users Accounts
  30. What is the quickest way to lock down a Windows Workstation?
    Windows key + L
  31. Which windows console is used to create a new user group?
    Computer Management Console
  32. What type of permission does a folder recieve from its parent folder?
    Inherited permissions
  33. what type of permissions must be given so that a folder can be shared on the network?
    Share permissions
  34. When is it possible to use administrative shares?
    When a computer is on a domain
  35. What can you do so that you can use file and folder encryption with a volume using FAT file system and Windows Vista Business Edition?
    Convert the volume to NTFS
  36. What is the command to decrypt the file myfile.doc?
    Cipher /d myfile.doc
  37. What is the command to launch the certificate Manager console?
  38. What hardware component is needed to setup bitlocker Encryption so that you can authenticate the computer?
    TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip.
  39. What is the best tool to use to find out the purpose of a program that is running on your system?
    The Internet
  40. What command can be used to stop process that is more powerful than task Manager?
  41. If the OS installation is tailored by the manufacturer to satisfy the specific needs of the notebook, the manufacturer is called the ____________.
    The manufacturer is called the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  42. To set a hard drive password or the user password, you must first set a(n) ____________________ password
    Supervisor or Administrator
  43. ____________________ allows you to remove one card and insert another without powering down.
    Hot swapping
  44. ____________________ specifications are based on the PCI industry standard for desktop computer expansion cards, but applied to a much smaller form factor for notebook expansion cards.
    Mini PCI
  45. Using regular RAM for video is called video ____.
  46. 72-pin SO-DIMMs support ____-bit data transfers
  47. The 160-pin SO-RIMM uses a ____-bit data path.
  48. A ____ is a type of notebook computer that is designed for users who require a more graphical, user-friendly interface and need more portability than a full-size notebook allows.
    tablet PC
  49. A ____ is a small, handheld computer with its own operating system and applications.
  50. Subnotebooks sometimes use ____________________ that are smaller than SO-DIMMs and have a 64-bit data path.
  51. What are some of the ways through which local printers and scanners connect directly to a computer?
    • USB port
    • Parallel port
    • Serial port
    • Wireless connection (Bluetooth, Infrared, WiFi)
    • IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port
    • SCSI port
    • PC Card
    • Express Card
  52. What are the two major categories of printers?
    • Impact
    • Non-impact
  53. In a laser printer, how is the toner held on the cylinder surface?
    It is held on by an electrical charge.
  54. In Windows XP, how do you open the Printers and Faxes window?
    Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Double click on Printers and Faxes.
  55. List the three ways to make a printer available on a network.
    • A local printer can be attached to a port on the PC. For a shared local printer to be available to other computers on the network, the host computer must be turned on and not in sleep or standby mode.
    • A network printer with embedded logic to manage network communication can be connected directly to a network with its own NIC.
    • A dedicated device or computer called a print server can control several printers connected to a network. This method works best in a large enterprise network where printers are best managed from a centralized location.
  56. To use a shared printer on a remote PC, ____ must be installed.
    Client for Microsoft Networks
  57. ____ is a language used to communicate how a page is to print and was developed by Adobe Systems.
  58. ____ is a printer language that was developed by Hewlett-Packard but is considered a de facto standard in the printing industry.
    PCL(Printer Control Language)
  59. The ____ component of Windows draws and formats the page and then sends the almost-ready-to-print page to the printer in bitmap form.
    GDI(Graphics Device Interface)
  60. An extension magnet brush is a long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity and easily attract ____ like a magnet.
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