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  1. habit 1
    be proactive: taking responsibility for your attitudes/actions
  2. habit 2
    begin with the end in mine: personal leadership
  3. habit 3
    put first things first: personal management, organizing tasks and managing time
  4. habit 4
    think win-win: thinking begins with a commitment
  5. habit 5
    seek first to understand then to be understood: habit of communication
  6. habit 6
    synergize: creative cooperation or teamwork
  7. habit 7
    sharpen the saw: self renewal having a balanced, systematic program for self renewal
  8. habit 8
    find your voice and inspire others to find theirs:concentrate on your own strengths
  9. etiquette
    language of human behavior, one way street
  10. protocal
    rank and order
  11. dining protocal
    use utensils from the outside in, eat food quietly and attractively
  12. bussiness practices in various countries
    Arabic/Islamic- pointing/gesturing are reserved for summoning animals
  13. china
    kissing/touching are not practiced in business
  14. Germany, spain and Russia
    punctuality and formality are important
  15. japan
    gifts are important
  16. values
    represents the ultimate reasons people have for acting as they do, make a difference can change
  17. big values in our lives
    ideals: are the basis of vision and aspiration in our lives
  18. all significant human achievement
    guided by the vision of an ideal
  19. Maslow's Heirarchy of needs
    • self aculization
    • social needs
    • safety
    • physiological needs
  20. quality of life
    one's perception of and satisfaction with reality
  21. standard of living
    relfects one's acutal reality
  22. well being
    • indicators of the actual reality
    • emotional
    • social
    • physical
    • economic
    • environmental
    • political
  23. employment negotiations
    when not to negotiate
    • -never negotiate until u have the job
    • -u don't have enough knowledge of companys position
    • -timing is inappropriate, they may want someone else
  24. types of negotiators
    • Driver: very task oriented
    • analytical: how are u going to do what u said ur going to do
    • amiable: concerned w/the status quo
    • persuader: enthusiastic about life and presents a very friendly manner
  25. what is there to negotiate
    • salary
    • benefits
    • perks
    • conditions
  26. be well prepared for employment negotiations
    • be knowledgeable
    • be inquisitive
    • be patient
    • be concerned
  27. public policy
    • principles that direct action
    • deal with various matters
    • plan of action designed to influence and determine decisions, actions and other matters concerning or affecting the community or people
  28. what influences/avocates for public policy
    • individual groups
    • public interest
    • political active groups
  29. different levels u can get involved for public policy
    • voting
    • educating
    • evluating
    • building coalitions
    • holding public office
  30. levels of involvement in public policy
    collecting, analyzing, interpreting and distributing information to legislators

    monitoring legislative development that affect FCS professions
  31. concerns addressed by FCS professionals through public policy process
    • health, child care
    • diet/disease
    • safe food supply
    • consumer debt
    • safe, durable clothing
    • affordable housing
    • aging population
    • economic security
    • quality schools
  32. current issues addressed by FCS
    • fiancial literacy
    • health wellness
    • child care
  33. how a bill becomes a law
    • 1.concerned citizens/groups/orgainizations suggest legislation
    • 2. senator/legislator drafts bill
    • 3.bill introduced/assigned number w/sponsor name
    • 4.bill is referred to full committee
    • 5.bill is referred to sub committee
    • 6. sub committee holds mark up session
    • 7. full committee amends /issues report
    • 8. floor aciton-debate, amend and vote
    • 9.snd to other chamber, debate, amend and vote
    • 10 sent to conference committee
    • 11.conference committee arrives at agreement
    • 12. send to President or Govenor to sign or veto
    • ...become law if not signed w/in 10 days
    • chamber can overide w/2/3vote
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