1. Commerce
    The buying and selling of goods
  2. Complement
    The amount needed to fill or complete
  3. Derisive
  4. Desecrated
    Violate the sacredness of
  5. Diffused
    Spread out
  6. Discern
    Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment
  7. Disdain
    To regard as beneath one's dignity
  8. Docile
    Ready and willing to be taught
  9. Dormant
    In a resting state or sleeping
  10. Ecstatic
    Being in a state of joyful and excessive emotion
  11. Emissary
    Messenger or ambassador
  12. Expedient
    Useful for effecting a desired result
  13. Abash
    To make ashamed
  14. Abate
    To make or become less
  15. Abomination
    • Anything
    • extremely disliked or hated
  16. Aesthetic
    • Of or concerning the appreciation of beauty of good
    • taste
  17. Assuage
    To lessen or calm
  18. Agility
    • Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of
    • movement
  19. Audacity
    Bold courage
  20. Benevolently
  21. Brusque
    Rough and abrupt in manner or speech
  22. Calamity
    An resulting in great loss or misfortune
  23. Callow
  24. Capricious
    Impulse to sudden change
  25. Fractious
  26. Frugal
    Avoiding waste
  27. genealogist
    an expert in the study of ancestry and family history
  28. heathen
    person regarded as irreligious
  29. imperious
  30. impotent
    lacking physical strength
  31. improvident
    not providing for one's future
  32. incipient
    just beginning to exist or appear
  33. indigenous
    originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment
  34. lament/lamentation
    cry of grief
  35. loathe
    to dislike greatly
  36. malevolent
    doing evil
  37. miscreant
  38. ominous
    serving as an evil omen
  39. ostracize
  40. palatable
    pleasant or acceptable to taste or mind
  41. poignant
    deeply or emotionally moving
  42. polygamy
    the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time
  43. propitious
    presenting favorable circumstances
  44. prowess
    physical strength
  45. raucous
    loud sound
  46. reap
    to gather or harvest
  47. relinquish
    to let go
  48. resilient
    bouncing back or spring back into shape
  49. sonorous
    • rich and
    • full in sound
  50. subservient
    • compliant
    • and obedient to authority
  51. taciturn
  52. trepidation
    • trembling
    • movement
  53. wily
    crafty, sly or tricky
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