Cognition of Emotion

  1. Ekman's 6 basic emotions
    • -sadness
    • anger
    • happiness
    • surprise
    • disgust
    • fear
  2. James-Lange Theory
    the subjective experience of emotion is the awareness of our own bodily changes in the presence of arousing stimuli---are are sad because we cry
  3. Extended James-Lange Theory
    • aka- Somatic Marker Theory
    • the experience of emotion is essentially a story the brain concocts to explore bodily changes
    • input is ambiguous so social context is considered

    somatic markers are stored in the ventralmedial prefrontal cortex, helps make decisions
  4. Cannon-Baird Theory of Emotion
    individuals experience physiological emotions and subjective feelings simultaneously

    • subcortical structures mediate emotion
    • -cats with removed hypothalamus did show emotional response
    • -provide cortex with information required for cognitive perception of emotion
  5. Hypothalamus
    receives input from a variety of sources including the cerebral cortex and the amygdala

    • controls the autonomic nervous system using circuits at the brain stem and spinal chord
    • -emotion provides homeostasis
  6. Orbitofrontal Cortex
    • associated with executive function
    • social emotion and decision making
    • site of the Gage lesion
    • regulation of the ability to inhibit, act on social and emotional stimuli

    • Lesions:
    • absence of autonomic nervous system to disturing images
    • normal description using emotional words
  7. Amygdala
    • -important for emotional learning and memory
    • -damage to amygdala impairs conditioned fear response
    • -damage to amygdala is not associated with atypical emotional response to innately aversive or rewarding stimuli

    • Implicit Emotional Learning:
    • -fast pathway--from thalamus, imcomplete stimulus analysis
    • slow pathway--by way of cortex, in depth analysis

    • Explicit Emotional Learning:
    • interacts with hippocampal memory system
    • -most declaritive memory is emotionally laden
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