Mkt Ch1.2

  1. marketing (detailed definition)
    the anticipation, stimulation, facilitation, regulation and satisfaction of consumer and publics demand for products, services, organizations, events, people, places and ideas through an exchange process.
  2. production era
    • a time when companies focused on production of a few specific products.
    • "if we can make it, it will sell."
    • Few producers
  3. sales era
    • a time when a company emphasizes selling because of increased competition
    • more producers
    • Sales! Sales! sales! not worried about the customers, just sales.
  4. marketing department era
    • a time when all marketing activities are brought under the control of one department to improve short-run policy planning and to try to integrate the firm's activist.
    • marketing valued as a secondary function
  5. marketing company era
    • a time when, in addition to short-run marketing planning, marketing people develop long-range plans, and the whole company efforts are guided by the marketing concept.
    • marketing is viewed a an essential part of the company.
  6. Relationship marketing era
    focused on building relationships with customers.
  7. Marketing concept
    • a consumer oriented, integrated , goal oriented society.
    • an organizations aims ALL efforts at satisfying its customers - at a profit.
  8. Marketing orientation
    trying to carry out the marketing concept.
  9. product orientation
    companies focusing on making whatever products are easy to produce and them trying to sell them.
  10. Customer value
    the difference between the benefits a customer sees from a market offering and the costs of obtaining those benefits.
  11. Micro-macro dilemma
    what is good for some firms and consumers may not be good for society as a whole.
  12. social responsibility
    • companies must have this!
    • it is their obligation to improve its positive effects on society and reduce its negative effects.
  13. *Marketing Myopia
    a short-sighted narrow-minded view of marketing and it's environment.
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