bacterial infections of the skin

  1. furuncle
    • abscess or boil
    • deep, tender, firm, red papule enlarges rapidly into a deep-seated nodule.

    becomes squishy (fluctuant)
  2. furuncle
  3. where are furuncles most common?
    friction areas (belt, thighs, buttocks, groin, axilla, waist)
  4. furuncle treatment
    • warm compresses
    • I&D
  5. carbuncle
    • deep (dermis and subQ)
    • multiple openings
    • painful
  6. common locations for carbuncle
    back of neck, trunk, lateral thighs
  7. before the days of abx, if you got a carbuncle
    you died
  8. carbuncle treatments
    abx (difficult to I&D because of multiple sites)
  9. Erysipelas aka
    st anthony's fire
  10. Erysipelas
    • superficial cellulitis, lymphatic involvement.
    • facem legs
    • group A strep
    • staph aureus
  11. Erysipelas prodrome and color
    prodrome: 4-48 hours malaise, fever up to 104

    color: dark fiery red with vesicles
  12. mainstay treatment for mrsa
  13. superficial cellulitis, aka what, is this color
    erysipelas is very fiery red
  14. erysipelas treatment
    • dicloxacillin
    • cephalosporin, erythromycin ok
  15. cellulitis
    • infex of dermis and subQ
    • group A strep
    • staph aureus
    • H flu type B in kids
    • treatment same as erysipelas
  16. why mark erysipelas with a pen
    to make sure it's not growing
  17. the dreaded "red streak"
  18. lymphangitis means you the provider need to
    get more aggressive. IV instead of oral, maybe debridement, get worried since it's spreading
  19. impetigo
    • bacterial skin infex
    • staph aureus
    • group A strep
    • highly contagious, direct contact, 5-7 yrs
  20. impetigo most common location
  21. impetigo treatment
    • bactroban or altabax
    • remove crusts, wash, change pillowcase
  22. folliculitis
    • staph aureus
    • pseudomonas

    chronic = follicular destrux = alopecia
  23. folliculitis location
    • any hair bearing surface
    • back, buttocks, upper arms
  24. why is pseudofolliculitis 'pseudo'?
    it comes from secondary--you did something to make it happen (shaving, waxing)
  25. can folliculitis be boils, furuncles?
    yes it can
  26. folliculitis treatment
    • wash, new razorblade daily
    • topical clinda
    • topical hydrocortisone
    • erythro
    • cipro
    • bactroban intranasal
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