Illness and health care delivery part 2

  1. In relation to healthcare services, Tertiary care is?
    • Provided to acutely ill or injured patients requiring longterm care and rehab services
    • **trauma center, burn center
  2. In relation to healthcare services, subacute care is what?
    • inpatient care that lies between hospital care and longterm care
    • provides lower cost health care
  3. What are disease management services?
    • services provided to patients with chronic diseases through calls with nurses and other healthcare professionals.
    • pts don't have to leave their homes
  4. The board of directors is
    • a governing body
    • leaders and physicians
  5. Chief executive officer
    An individual responsible for the overall operation on a daily basis
  6. Medical Staff
    Physicians who may either be employed by the organization or independent
  7. Medical Staff Governace
    Medical staffs are often organized by service, with Chief of Staff as head; work together with the Chief Executive Officer
  8. Chief Nursing Officer
    A member of the board of directors as contributers in the decision making
  9. What are the 2 main means to ensure quality health care?
    • Accreditation of health care agencies
    • Continuous quality improvment
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