Spanish Vocab

  1. aficionado
    devoted fan
  2. caballero
  3. caudillo
    millitary dictatior in spanish speaking countries
  4. chicano
    American of Mexican descent
  5. conquistador
  6. desperado
    bold dangerous criminal
  7. duenna
    elderly woman chaperon of a young lady
  8. dulcinea
  9. gaucho
    south american cowboy
  10. grandee
    nobleman of the highest rank
  11. guerilla
    fighter in an irregular military unit
  12. hidalgo
    member of the minor nobility
  13. junta
    council for legislation, groub of military officers controlling a government after a coup d'etat, junto
  14. junto
    group of persons joined for a common purpose
  15. latino
    latin american
  16. macho
    agressiveness, domineering behavior
  17. matador
    bullfighter assigned to kill the bull
  18. mestizo
    person of mixed indian-european ansestry
  19. peon
    unskilled worker
  20. picador
    rider on horseback in a bullfight who lances (pokes) the bull with a spear
  21. picaro
    adventurer, rogue
  22. renegade
    traitor, turncoat
  23. senor
    spanish speaking man
  24. senora
    married or spanish speaking woman
  25. senorita
    unmarried spanish speaking woman
  26. stevedore
    one who loads or unloads ships
  27. toreador
  28. vaquero
    herdsman, cowboy, buckaroo
  29. armada
    fleet of warships
  30. bravado
    pretense of bravery
  31. cargo
    goods transported by ship
  32. comradery
    friendship, rapport
  33. el dorado
    city of gold
  34. embarcadero
    landing place
  35. escapade
    daring act
  36. flotilla
    small fleet
  37. galleon
    large sailing whip used in war and trade
  38. incommunicado
    deprived of communication
  39. key
    low island or reef
  40. squad
    small military unit
  41. adobe
    brick of sundried clay
  42. arroyo
    water carved gully, creek
  43. bonanza
    large rich mine
  44. bronco
    wild horse
  45. burro
    small donkey
  46. calaboose
  47. canyon
    deep narrow valley
  48. hacienda
    large estate, plantation
  49. mesa
    flat topped hill with steep sides
  50. mustang
  51. pueblo
    native american village, dwelling of adobe
  52. sierra
    mountain range
  53. sombrero
    broad rimmed hat
  54. stampede
    sudden rush
  55. bodega
    grocery store, wineshop
  56. bolero
    soanish dance, loose waist jacket worn open at the front
  57. cabana
    cabinlike shelter
  58. cafeteria
    self service resturant
  59. castanetes
    hand instruments
  60. fiesta
  61. olla podrida
    highly seasoned meat and vegetable stew
  62. patio
    paved outdoor dining area
  63. pimiento
    pepper, source of paprika
  64. ceviche
    appetizer of raw fish
  65. siesta
    rest or nap
  66. barrio
    spanish speakng neighborhood
  67. indigo
    blue dye
  68. manana
  69. mantilla
    wonams light scarf, short cloak or cape
  70. olio
  71. pampa
    vast treeless plain in Argentina
  72. peccadillo
    minor offence
  73. poncho
    blanketlike cloat with a slit for the head
  74. tembolor
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