Religion ch 4

  1. divided Charlemagne's holdings among his grandsons
    treaty of verdun
  2. Economic, military, and political system that functioned during the Medieval period
  3. One who receives land in exchange for a promise of allegiance and military service
  4. A grant of land in the feudal system
  5. A who grants land to another in exchange for a pledge of loyalty
  6. The practice of kings and other high ranking nobles appointing men to church offices
    lay investiture
  7. The buying and selling of church offices
  8. showing improper favortism to one's relatives
  9. Monastery that sparked a major reform of the church because it was free from lay interference
  10. that eventually settlet into the territory that is now hungary
  11. Established by Pope Nicholas II and givern the power to elect the pope
    College of Cardinals
  12. Declaration that a person has cut himself off from communion with the Church by his actions
  13. In this Pope gregory VII claimed absolute temporal and spiritual authority
    Dictates of the Pope
  14. He served as Pope three times in his life, having been forcibly deposed twice and then abdicating
    Benedict IX
  15. Considered the worst pope in history
    John XII
  16. Holy Roman Emperor who deposed John XII and then exercised control over the papacy
    Otto I
  17. Also called "HIddlebrand," he excommunicated a Holy Roman Emperor over the question of lay investiture
    Gregory VII
  18. Holy Roman Emperor who was forced to beg for forgiveness after being excommunicated by the Pope
    Henry IV
  19. Compromise that solved the lay investiture controversy
    Concordat of Worms
  20. Also calles "Vikings" there raids destroyed many monasteries and convents in Europe
  21. Breathtakingly stupid action-Crusade
    Children's Crusade
  22. Literally "marked with a cross"
  23. english king who lead the Third Crusade
    Richard I
  24. Cardinal sent to deal with the Patriarch of Constantinople. His actions contributed to the Great Schism
  25. His Closing of latin Churches in Constantinople led to the crisis that resulted in the Great Schism
    Michael Celularius
  26. Appointed Patriarch of Constantinople, replacing Ignatius, this action led to a Schism
  27. Cistercian monk who helped promote the devotion to the Virgin Mary
    St. Bernard of Clairvaux
  28. Viewed as the most powerful pope of the Middle Ages
    Innocent III
  29. Made alliance with the Lombard Leauge to defeat Frederick Barbarosa
    Alexander III
  30. Called for the first crusade
    Urban II
  31. Proposed by St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, and St. Thomas Aquinas which set criteria that had to be met for a war to be moral
    Just War Theory
  32. Limited the number of days when it was lawful to fight wars
    Truce of God
  33. Condemned the killing of non-comatants
    Peace of God
  34. Time of Purification before one could enter heaven
  35. Reduction of time in Purgatory
  36. "And the Son" this was inserted into the Nicene Creed
  37. Image breaker
  38. Explains that the bread and wine of the Mass are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ
  39. Heretical group that viewed the material world as evil
  40. Muslim group that prohibited pilgrims from going to Jerusalem
    Seljuk Turks
  41. What are some differences between the Eastern and Western Church that contributed to the Eastern Schism in 1054
    • Western Church Eastern Church
    • -Rome -Consantinople
    • -Latin -Greek
    • -Catholic -Othodox
    • -Pope -Patriarch
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