MGT Jeopardy

  1. This Gestalt principle of perception states that
    we tend to maintain a form even if it cuts through another
  2. This “test” requires you to say the color instead of the word (which are also colors); can you do it
    without messing up?
    Stroop Test
  3. This “test” requires you to say the color
    instead of the word (which are also colors); can you do it without messing up?
    Stroop Test
  4. The tendency to recall items at the end of a
  5. The tendency to assume that if a person is good
    at one thing, s/he is good at other things
    Halo Error
  6. Theory that explains stereotyping by proposing that we assign ourselves to ingroups which we then favor outgroups.
    Social Identity Theory
  7. The tendency to overestimate personal
    characteristics and underestimate situational characteristics when explaining
    others’ behavior
    Attribution Bias
  8. Numeric "rule" used to infer disaparte impact
    4/5 Rule
  9. Excessive flirting, displaying pornography, and
    telling dirty jokes are all examples of this form of sexual harassment
    Hostile work environment
  10. “Practical” standard often used by courts to
    determine sexual harassment
    Reasonable person standard
  11. The restaurant Hooters tried to say that being
    female is this in order to avoid losing a disparate treatment lawsuit
    bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ)
  12. An interpersonal influence process that attempts
    to motivate others to achieve goals that represent values of the leader and/or
    others (vision)
  13. This approach to leadership states that leaders
    possess stable characteristics that differentiate them from non-leaders
    trait approach
  14. Of the Big Five, this trait is most strongly
    correlated with leadership
  15. This leader behavior is the extent to which
    leaders have regard for subordinates and build trust and respect
  16. Of the Big Five, this trait is most strongly correlated with Transformational Leadership
    Openness to Experience
  17. Buying a car typically represents this type of
    Distributive bargaining
  18. This type of negotiation is characterized by a
    “win-win” potential
    Integrative Bargaining
  19. Fail to battle this
    “perception” and you may reach a suboptimal agreement
    Fixed Pie Perception
  20. Make the first offer and you will do this to the
    Frame the Negotiation
  21. Giving these in smaller increments is better than giving thiese in equal increments
  22. Government’s attempt to ensure that all
    individuals have equal chance for employment
    Equal Employment Opportunity
  23. This legislation made it illegal for employers
    to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  24. This policy, stemming from an Executive Order, seeks to redress discrimination
    Affirmative Action
  25. If you’re below 40, don’t expect to be protected
    by this “act”
    Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  26. Companies are expected to make these to disabled
    individuals as long as undue hardship is not created
    Reasonable accommodations
  27. Type of discrimination where an employer
    intended to treat an employee differently
    Disaparate treatment
  28. Type of discrimination where a facially neutral
    employment practices disproportionately affects a protected group
    Disparate Impact
  29. The tendency to recall items presented at the
    beginning of a list
  30. Supreme Court-based “test” used to prove cases
    of disparate treatment
    McDonnell Douglas test
  31. Internal attributions are more likely when this
    is low – the degree to which a person exhibits different behavior in other
  32. This theory of leadership proposes that
    situational variables can neutralize or enhance the effects of leaders
    Substitutes for leadership theory
  33. This theory of leadership proposes that leaders
    place followers into “in-groups” and “out-groups” based on their relationships
    with them
    Leader member Exchange Theory (LMX)
  34. Of the four dimensions of transformational
    leadership, this is closest to charisma
    Idealized Influence
  35. Of job satisfaction, leader satisfaction, leader
    effectiveness, and follower performance, the one most strongly related to
    Leader Satisfaction
  36. According to the study by Judge and Piccolo
    (2004), contingent reward was more strongly related to this outcome than was
    transformational leadership
    Follower satisfaction
  37. If a buyer quickly accepts the first offer I
    make, I’ve just experienced this “curse”
    Winners curse
  38. This “alternative” should equal your reservation
    point – don’t settle for less
  39. When Options are framed positively, individuals tend ot be this in terms of risk
  40. Trading off on multiple issues represents this
    integrative negotiation tactic
  41. Integrative agreements that are impossible to
    improve upon are referred to as this
  42. Degree to which individuals will “hold tough” in
    maintaining their own interests
    Resistance to yielding
  43. The difference between one’s reservation point
    and target point
    Aspiriation Range
  44. Time demands and individualist orientations make these “perceptions” more likely
    Fixed Pie Perception
  45. This bias occurs when individuals settle for
    less than their BATNA
    Agreement bias
  46. According to the Americans with Disabilities
    Act, employers must define job functions into these categories
    Essential and marginal
  47. This organization is responsible for enforcing
    equal employment opportunity laws
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  48. This amendment to the CRA of 1964 allows for punitive
    damages in cases of intentional discrimination
    Civil Rights act of 1991
  49. To demonstrate this, employers must show that an
    employment practice is a valid predictor of performance
    Business necessity
  50. In addition to seniority and quantity/quality of
    production, this can be used as a reason to pay men and women differently
  51. According to the Americans with Disabilities
    Act, these are less important duties that do not need to be performed by all
    Marginal job functions
  52. This act prohibits employment discrimination
    based on citizenship or national origin unless a person is an illegal alien
    Immigrant reform and control act
  53. This policy allows for the preferential hiring
    of protected class members under conditions of equal qualification
    Affirmative action
  54. According to this Supreme Court case, HIV+
    individuals and those with AIDS are protected under ADA
    Bragdon v Abbott (1998)
  55. According to this Supreme Court case,
    correctable impairments do not constitute a disability under the ADA
    Sutton v United Airlines (1999)
  56. Managers evaluating performance usually measure
    one of these three broad criteria
    attributes, behaviors, or objective results
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