Political Action and the Future of Nursing

  1. What are 2 definitions of politics?
    • Science of the government
    • management of political party
  2. In professional organizations, policies are usually made by...?
    • A board of elected officials
    • *the policies and guidelines reflect the views of the organization
  3. There are three types of nursing organizations... What are they?
    • Broad purpose
    • Specialty Practice
    • Special Interest
  4. Nursing Contracts are sometimes negotiated by Unions. What do the contracts consist of?
    • —Salary/benefits
    • —Hours
    • —Staffing ratios
    • —Work assignments
    • —Shared governance responsibilities
  5. What are the duties of professional Nursing Organizations?
    define practice standards, establish ethical guidelines, and take positions on practice concerns
  6. Why should we as future nurses get involved in nursing politics? (you know how i hate extra circular activities)
    Policies affect nursing practice, salaries, and patient's access to healthcare
  7. In relation to disasters and bioterrorism, Nurses should know...
    • the agency's disaster plan
    • your role in the disaster plan
    • participate in training activities
  8. The future of Nursing education consists of....?
    • —Outcome-based education-- Programs evaluated by their graduates’ activities and achievements
    • —Shift from passive learning to active learning
    • —Increase in distance learning programs
    • —Faculty shortage
  9. Right now there is a nursing shortage... what is expected in the future
    • By 2018 Nurses are expected to increase by 22%
    • However, thats not enough in 2025 we will still be short an estimated 260,000 nurses
  10. Why is there a nursing shortage?
    • Nursing applicants are turned away from schools due to lack of faculty, clinical sites, classroom space, etc
    • Aging in the worforce
    • BabyBoomers will increase demand for nurses
  11. The nursing shortage is temporarily stable due to what?
    • Basically the poor economy
    • -nurses that can retire are not due to the poor economy
    • - previously part time nurses are taking on full time
    • -hospitals are bringing back retired nurses who thougth they could retire... but couldn't afford it
  12. What does the AACN recommend we do as new nursing graduates?
    • Begin the job search early
    • Get a BSN
    • Look for positions outside of the acute care hospital
    • Pursue advanced education... like Masters etc
  13. —Increasing the cap on immigrant nurses improves the nursing shortage in the U.S., but creates several ethical dilemmas:
    • Creates nursing shortage in their native countries
    • Safety concerns as to their education. Was it up to par? Hygiene?
  14. What are 4 environment issues that will effect the future of nursing
    • Multi-drug resistant strain organisms
    • Air pollution-- respiratory disorders
    • Global warming
    • Water polution
  15. What are 5 unhealthy lifestyle choices that will effect the future of nursing
    • Tobacco use
    • drug use
    • obesity
    • lack of exercise
    • stress
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