acne vulgaris rosacea

  1. treatment for mild acne
    • benzoyl peroxide
    • topical clinda, erythro
    • sulfacetamide (sulfa)
    • topical retinoids (RetinA generic is tretinoin)
  2. treatment for moderate acne
    • doxycycline
    • ampicillin
    • tetracycline
    • erythromycin
    • OCP
    • spironolactone (blood pressure medicine works)
  3. severe acne treatments
    isotretinoin, the IPLEDGE program
  4. isotretinoin/IPLEDGE involves
    • monthly bloodwork
    • no pregnancy
    • 2 forms of BC (1 month waiting for women; tubal ligation counts as only ONE form)
  5. do not use this together with RetinA
    benzoyl peroxide
  6. topical acne therapy
    is not spot treatment, it's meant for whole face
  7. sometimes treating acne gets worse
    before it gets better
  8. RetinA--use sunscreen?
  9. rosacea aka
    adult acne
  10. 4 kinds of rosacea
    • papular
    • erythematous
    • rhinophyma
    • ocular
  11. papular rosacea
    acne-like, with redder. we won't have to tell the difference between this and papular acne, however if the patient is older and not a teenager and there are papules--guess this one
  12. erythematous rosacea
    warm face, superficial telengiectasias
  13. rhinophyma rosacea
    thickened sebaceous glands on nose. bill clinton
  14. ocular rosacea
    least common. feels like sand in the eye
  15. rosacea stereotypical person
    light hair/eyes/skin, papules on center face (forehead, nose, cheeks)
  16. rhinophyma can be red and bulbous or
    just bulbous
  17. only way to get rid of rhinophyma bulbous
    CO2 lasers, out of commission 2 weeks while new skin grows
  18. there are 4 separate kinds of rosacea but you can also have
    a combination of them
  19. topical treatments for rosacea
    • metronidazole (metrogel)
    • azelaic acid cream
    • sulfacetamide cream
    • tretinoin
  20. oral treatments for rosacea
    • tetracycline
    • doxycycline
    • minocycline
    • isotretinoin
  21. perioral, periorbital dermatitis
    scaly papular around mouth and/or eyes. maybe burning itching, maybe no symptoms.

    pinpoint papules and pustules on a scaling erythematous base
  22. scaliness around mouth (or eye) looks like rosacea
    but if it's periorbital/perioral dermatitis, it's not the same thing
  23. treatment for perioral dermatitis do NOT give
    steroid creams NO NO NO they will always make it worse, rebound.
  24. perioral dermatitis treatments
    • metrogel
    • topical clinda or erythromycin
    • sulfacetamide
    • doxy
    • mino
    • tetra
  25. hidradenitis suppurativa
    chronic purulent scarring under breasts, axilla, groin, abdominal folds

    double comedone

    treatment: weight loss, oral abx, isotretinoin
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