Chapter 18 Bio LEcture

  1. DNA Ligase
    enzyme that catalyzes the joining of DNA fragments
  2. recombinant DNA
    a DNA molecule made in a lab from 2 or more different sources
  3. sticky ends
    the ends of the cut sites where complimentary sticky ends can attatch
  4. clone
    to create an identical copy
  5. transformation
    a cloning process where DNA is cloned by inserting it into host cells
  6. transfection
    transformation of animal cells specifically
  7. transgenic
    a host cell/organism that contains recombinant DNA
  8. selectable measure
    • allow growth of transgenic genes
    • EX- genes resistant to antibiotics
    • included in recumbant DNA sequence
  9. replicon
    replication unit
  10. vector
    • a carrier DNA squence
    • can enter host cell via this
    • has its own origin of replication
  11. reporter gene
    any gene whose expression is easily observed
  12. genomic library
    a collection of DNA fragments that together comprise the genome of an organism
  13. Complimentary DNA (cDNA)
    • makes up a much smaller DNA library
    • made from transcribed mRNA
  14. cDNA library
    a collection of cDNAs
  15. knockout
    a manipulation that inactivates the gene to keep it from transcribing and being translated
  16. homologous recombination
    a technique to produce a knockout mutant
  17. stem cell
    an unspecialized cell that divides and differenciates into specialized cells
  18. RNA interface (RNAi)
    a rare natural mechanism for inhibiting mRNA translation
  19. DNA microarray
    • technique that allows for hybridization
    • provides large arrays of sequences for hybridization expirements
  20. biotechnology
    the use of cell/organisms to produce useful materials
  21. expression vectors
    vectors that have all the characteristics of typical vectors along with other sequences needed for transgene
  22. pharming
    the production of medicine in farm animals/plants
  23. bioremediation
    the use of other organisms to remove contaminants from the environment
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