fish dissection test

  1. What phylum is the fish?
    Cordata (has a spinal cord)
  2. What subphylum is the fish?
    Vertebrata (has a backbone)
  3. Describe six characteristics of the osteichthyes class of fish.
    most numerous of all vertebrates

    found in all types of water

    have scales and a mucous coating to slide through the water

    have a swim bladder, or air sac that helps control the buoyancy of fish

    have a lateral line: a sense organ which detects movement or changes of pressure in the water

    gills are covered by a flap called the operculum
  4. Describe the parts of the digestive system of the fish
    • bony jaw (mandible)
    • mouth with tongue
    • esophagus
    • stomach (digests food)
    • liver (produces bile, which helps break down fat)
    • intestine (absorbs nutrients)
    • anus (releases solid waste)
  5. Describe the parts of the circulatory system.
    closed circulatory system

    has a heart with two chambers and blood vessels
  6. Describe the parts of the nervous system of the fish.
    • brain
    • dorsal nerve cord
    • spinal vertebrae, which protects the nerve cord
  7. Describe the excretory system of the fish.

    urogenital opening for releasing liquid waste (pee pee!)
  8. The respiratory system of the fish is made of what?
  9. Describe the reproductive system of the fish.
    females produce thousands of eggs and lay them

    males release sperm over the eggs; some eggs are fertilized and develop into fish
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