science bio w/o cell parts

  1. what is the function of the respitory system
    to breath and get o2 to the heart and then put it throughout the body (circulatory system)
  2. why should you breath through your nose?
    warms the air and filters it
  3. what are the jobs of the veins, cappilaries and arteries
    to carry blood to and from the heart and throughout the body

    • arteries- pump blood from heart
    • veins- pump blood to heart
    • cappilaries- very small blood vessels
  4. what is the job of the liver and pnacreas in the digestive system
    they creat enzymes that aid in digestion, when joined with the gall bladder, they are called accesory organs
  5. what are the 4 types of tissues and their sub-tissues
    • 1. epithelial
    • - skin
    • - conundrum

    • 2. muscle
    • - skeletal
    • -smooth
    • -cardiac

    3. nerve

    • 4. connective
    • - blood
    • - fat
    • - bone
  6. what is meristematic tisse
    pluripotent plant cells, act very much like animal stem cells
  7. what is cell differentation
    a cell that has the same dna as it's organism, but is specialised to do a certain task
  8. what are possible uses for stem cells
    to cure/ treat uncurable/treatable injuries like spinal injuries, to cure diseases like cancer, to make new tissues or organs for those who need replecements
  9. what is the difference between pluripotent and totipotent cells
    • puri- can turn into many cells
    • toti- can turn into all cells
  10. what is a stem cell?
    an unspecialised cell that can either replecate itself or turn into different types of cells
  11. define gene therapy
    new cancer treatment that inserts dead cancer cells into the body, kind of like a flu shot
  12. define chemo
    a cancer treatment, a drug that kills cancer cells
  13. define radiation
    a cancer treatment that blasts a cancer killing radiation into the body
  14. define metasis
    when cancer cells invade non cancerous cells
  15. define cancer
    when cells multiply rapidly (much more than normal)
  16. what is dna screening and give a reason against it
    • dna screening is looking at one's dna or genes
    • this could lead to parents aborting children without their desired trait
  17. what is a domanent gene, what is a reccessive, if a person has a parent with red hair (recessive) and brown hair (dom) but with the red hair, what is their chance of getting red hair
    • dominant: the gene that will be used over a recessive
    • ressesive: the gene that will not be chosen over a dominant
    • 75%
  18. what are the 5 nucleotides that make up dna
    • gcat-
    • adenine
    • guanine
    • cytosine
    • thymine
  19. what is mitosis? what are the 5 stages of it?
    • mitosis is when a cell divides,
    • the 5 stages are IPMAT:
    • interphase, prophase, metaphase, antaphase, telophase
  20. why can't cells be extremely large?
    they need to be small so they can exchange materials with their enviroment by process of osmosis & diffusion
  21. explain the 3 reasons that cells must divide
    repair, reproduce, growth
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