1. what was the hitler youth, what were the swing kids, list 3 differences, and 3 similarites between the 2
    • hitler youth: the nazi party's youth movement
    • swing kids: people who's love for swing overpowered their loyalty to the law when it was banned in germnay
    • similarities:
    • - they both believed highly in what they did
    • - put their beliefs above family and friends
    • - protected their own

    • Differences:
    • - swing kids were less extreme
    • - swing kids were forced to go into hitler youth
    • - hitler youth used more violence
  2. what did the gov do for war vets?
    gave them loans, cash bonuses, and schooling in vocational schools
  3. define total war:
    a war fought on all front/ total scope
  4. name the 2 atomic bombs
    little boy & fat man
  5. what were the kamakaze
    suicidal air pilots
  6. what is the buisness cycle?
    recession, depression, recovery, prosperity
  7. how much was a t ford?
    400 $
  8. when did japan surrender?
    sept 2nd 1945
  9. what was ve day and when did it occur?
    victory in europe day, when the nazis surrendered, may 8th 1945
  10. when was the yalta conference?
    feb 6 1945
  11. Japan
    - when did we attack
    - when did the u.s declare war on Jap
    - when did u.s surrender
    • - dec 17 1941
    • -dec 8 1941
    • - xmas
  12. what did hawaii have to do with the Jap war?
    american soldiers were stationed there in case of a war in the pacific
  13. what was the bcatp, what did they do with canada?
    the british common wealth air training plan was a plan to train british and canadian soldiers in airforce to protect britain when germany was attepmting to take it over
  14. who were the luftwaffe?
    the german air force
  15. what was the war time prices and trades board?
    a board established to controle inflation
  16. Who Were The Dione Quintuplettes?
    Famous Quintuplettes, used in war propaganda
  17. Who was James Ilsley and what was his 3 point plan, what was it against? Did he succeed?
    • He was a canadian polotician his 3 point plan was to raise taxes, make victory bonds & force people to save by increasing intrest rates and taxes
    • he didnt' succeed
  18. Who is R.B Bennette?
    Conservative leader
  19. Who was mackenzie king?
    the liberal leader of canada
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