Church- East & West

  1. Where was the Western Church and what is it called?
    • Europe- based in Rome
    • Roman Catholic
  2. Where was the Eastern Church, and what is & was it called?
    • Middle East- based in Constantinople 9Istaanbul)
    • Was- Byzantine Empire
    • Now- Eastern Orthodox
  3. Church and state views
    • West: Church (Pope) dominant over state
    • East: Emporer dominant over state
  4. Theological beliefs
    • West: Icons/religous devotion okay
    • East: Rejected doevotions to icons and destroyed them
  5. Language
    • West: Latin
    • East: Greek
  6. Religious Customs
    • West: Celibate priests
    • East: Married priesthood
  7. Authority
    • West: Pope=spiritual leader
    • East: Pope has too much power
  8. What were the Crusades?
    Battles to gain the Holy Land back from the Muslims
  9. 4 moral failures of the Crusades?
    • Destroyed shirnes, homes, etc
    • Concerned with power and money (greed)
    • Violent massacres
    • Chi;ldren's Cursade- tried to solve the problem with love. Merchants sold them into slavery/killed them.
  10. Benefits of the Crusades
    • New inventions
    • Architecture
    • Philosphy
  11. What did the benefits of the Crusades lead to?
    The renaissance
  12. Albagencians
    Thought all material things are bad.
  13. Who kept the church afloat?
    St. Dominic & St. Francis
  14. St. Dominic
    Sent to convert the Albagencians. Gathered others to help, called Dominican OP (Order of preachers)
  15. St. Francis
    • Extremely poor (materials=corruption) to lead to a better life
    • Beggars
  16. Cathe
  17. What were cathedrals?
    Center of the diocese
  18. Who lived in the cathedrals?
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