Lower limb part 1

  1. what are the three bones that fuse together the coxal (hip) bone
    ilium pubis and ischium
  2. out the three fused hip bones which one is the largest?
  3. greater sciatic notch on ilium allows passage for which nerve?
  4. what is the most prominent feature on the ischium?
    ischial tuberosity: part that meets the chair when you sit
  5. large muscle attach to which part of the femur?
    greater and lesser trochanters
  6. the site for knee muscles to attach on the femur is the..?
    medial and lateral epicondyles
  7. the large hip muscles attach to where on the femur?
    gluteal tuberosity and linea aspera
  8. what is the largest sesamoid bone in the body?
  9. patella increases leverage of which muscle?
    quadriceps femoris
  10. which ligament is the tibial tuberosity an attachment site for?
    patellar ligament
  11. which foot bone articulates with the tibia and fibula?
  12. how many phalanges in the foot?
  13. how many metatarsals in the foot?
  14. what is another name for ankle joint?
  15. what are the superficial veins of the lower limb?
    • great saphenous vein
    • small saphenous vein
  16. what are the deep veins of the lower limb?
    • profunda femoris
    • femoral
    • popliteal
    • anterior tibial
    • posterior tibial
    • fibular
  17. what does the femoral artery supply?
    anterior and medial thigh
  18. what does the profunda femoris artery supply?
    muscles of medial posterior and anterior compartments
  19. what does the lateral and medial circumflex femoral artery supply?
    gluteal region, head and neck of femur
  20. what does the popliteal artery supply?
    knee, hamstrings and posterior compartment of leg
  21. what does the anterior tibial artery supply?
    anterior compartment of leg
  22. what does the posterior tibial artery supply?
    posterior compartment of leg
  23. what does the fibular artery supply?
    posterior and lateral compartment of leg
  24. what are all the nerves of the lower limb?
    • femoral
    • obturator
    • inferior gluteal
    • superior gluteal
    • sciatic
    • tibial
    • common fibular
    • superficial fibular
    • deep fibular
  25. which nerve has roots L2-L4 and supplies the anterior thigh?
    femoral nerve
  26. which structures are in the femoral triangle?
    • femoral nerve
    • femoral artery
    • femoral vein
    • lymph nodes
  27. which artery and vein does the adductor canal allow passage for?
  28. what is the location of the adductor canal?
    femoral triangle to the adductor hiatus in tendon of adductor magnus
  29. where is the adductor hiatus located?
    opening between the adductor and hamstring parts of adductor magnus
  30. the adductor hiatus allows femoral artery and vein to pass from anterior compartment to _________
    popliteal fossa
  31. what vessels pass through the popliteal fossa?
    • popliteal artery and vein
    • small saphenous vein
    • tibial and common fibular nerves
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