Drug Info Final 2

  1. What rules are derived from "respect" of the Belmont Report?
    • 1.) Informed consent
    • 2.) Respect for privacy
  2. What rules are derived from "beneficence" of the Belmont Report?
    • 1.) Good research design
    • 2.) Competent investigators
    • 3.) Favorable risk-benefit analysis
  3. What rule is derived from "justice" of the Belmont Report?
    1.) Equitable selections of subjects.
  4. What ethical code was created by the World Medical Association in 1964 as an adoption of the Nuremberg Code?
    The Declaration of Helsinki.
  5. How was the IRB created?
    It was part of the Declaration of Helsinki's first revision in 1975.
  6. The fourth revision of the Declaration of Helsinki, in 1996, mandated....
    That its ethical standards must be followed regardless of the location of the study.
  7. What committee, under the Declaration of Helsinki, has the responsibility of reviewing research in order to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected?
    The IRB.
  8. An IRB rating of "Exempt" probably means what?
    That the study-research only involves the review of medical records. That is, the study involves no active participation.
  9. True/False: All of the IRB review ratings (full, expedited, exempt, research not involving humans) allow for continuance of research.
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